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Hail the King Chapter 637.2

Chapter 637: Black Knights (Part Two)

The five of them along with their horses didn’t let out any noise; it was terrifyingly quiet.

As time passed by, more and more people appeared before the city gate. There were people such as residents who rushed back to the city from their farms, merchants who were planning to sell fresh vegetables, passing-by merchant caravans, mercenaries who completed their missions, and traveling poets who were wandering between cities……

All of them formed a huge crowd before the city gate and waited for it to open as they calculated the time.

The five black knights looked very strange and unique amongst the crowd, and the chilly sensation around them made people who were within ten meters of them feel cold and shiver.

Therefore, the people in the area avoided them, but they couldn’t help but stare at these five young people who looked mysterious.

As they pointed at these five handsome young men, the people in the crowd murmured to themselves, “They sure look different. There are a lot of foreign warriors and envoy groups from other empires in the area recently, but why are the five of them here?”

When the first dash of golden sunlight shone through, the city gate of the Hot Spring Gate finally opened.

The soldiers who were slow and yawning walked out of the city after pushing open the gate, and they stood to the side of the gate, taking in the entry fee from the people. The people who were waiting were used to it, and they formed long lines and waited to pay the fee.

The five black knights who had been silent instantly jumped onto their horses, and they dashed into the city.

The soldiers who were guarding the gate wanted to stop them and ask them to pay the free, but they all froze after that leading young man looked at them in their eyes. They felt like wild beasts targeted them, and they didn’t dare to move and breath heavily. Only after those five black knights dashed away, the people in the crowd finally reacted to it and murmured, “Who are they? Why are they here? They are terrifying! I got looked at, and it felt like the Grim Reaper was looking at me!”

“Yeah, his stare was terrifying!”

“Would terrible things take place since they are in the city now?”

The soldiers who were guarding the gate looked at each other in surprise, and they all sweated. The people who were looked at by that cold black knight felt like a knife was placed on each of their necks, and all the hair on their bodies stood up.

“I hope nothing bad will take place!”


-Mayor’s Mansion-

Young Master Kulun, who was most hated by the people in Hot Spring Gate, left his place early in the morning. With more than a dozen henchmen around him, he walked toward the direction of the poor neighborhood with an excited expression on his face.

“Are you guys sure? That chick is back?” Kulun asked with obscene lights in his eyes.

“Hehe, Young Master, don’t worry; a few of us clearly saw that chick rushing into the city right after the gate opened, and she must have returned to the ghettos to take care of those homeless bastards! If we go right now, we would be able to capture her. After we tie her up, you could play with her all you want!” A thin and monkey-like man answered flatteringly.

“Hahaha! She is definitely hard to tame. However, she peaked my interest. Hahaha! I want to see how she will react after I undress her! Hahaha! I will see if she is as vicious as usual! Hahahaha!” Kulun thought about the images and started laughing obscenely.

This team of people quickly pushed away the pedestrians on the streets, and they rushed toward the poor neighborhood.

At the same time, the black knight who was leading the way suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Let’s go to the poor neighborhood first. It has been half a year, and let’s see if it has changed.”

It felt like the five of them were extremely familiar with this city, and they got around easily.

The five of them quickly got through the crowd and entered the outer edge of the poor neighborhood.

“Familiar place; we are back!” this was the thought that appeared in all five black knights’ minds.

Half a year ago, they were weak orphans who couldn’t even support themselves and control their fates. They had to fight for survival every day, and they lived in this place that was filled with violence and crime; it was a living hell.

They were back!

They were now mighty warriors, and they were supported by that new noble of Zenit who shook the entire empire.

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