Chapter 638: Return to the Poor Neighborhood (Part One)

Danielle was only a weak mercenary inside a little insignificant mercenary group. Her life was like faint candlelight; it could go out at any minute.

However, due to a unique experience she had a little while ago, her strength increased dramatically, and she became a One-Star Warrior.

This sudden change affected her life path. As a One-Star Warrior who was younger than 18 years of age, her strength was mid-tier amongst all mercenaries in the region, and she was finally qualified to join a mid-tier mercenary group at Hot Spring Gate.

Although she still had to complete quests and live with dangers around her, she could accumulate some money and didn’t have to worry about having no money for food and clothing.

Different from most mercenaries who danced on the edge of life and death, she was a girl, a girl who was good-looking.

Beauty was the pursuit of all girls, but it wasn’t a good thing to have as a mercenary.

Her looks brought her a lot of unnecessary troubles.

What was strange was that she looked ordinary and dull before she became a One-Star Warrior. At that time, she was dark and thin, and she was a bit dirty and had to fight for survival with weapons in her hands just like men. The cruel pressure of survival forced her to focus on what was necessary, and she didn’t have time to worry about her appearance. In fact, she sometimes forgot that she was a girl.

However, after that special experience, she became a One-Star Warrior and transformed. Under the nurturing of her warrior energy, she turned from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. That thin and fierce tomboy turned into a beautiful girl who had a great figure.

This beauty that came with her power-up brought her a lot of trouble.

For example, she was stared at by the people around her, and her teammates teased her and tried to get their way with her.

In the end, she had to wear an ugly black iron mask to cover up her face every day.

Even though her situation got better, Danielle still chose to stay in the poor neighborhood at Hot Spring Gate.

Many heart-warming things happened here, and they brought warmth to her grey and emotionless life. Every time she thought back about those times, she would smile subconsciously.

However…… Those cold-blooded and merciless killings and that terrifying flames devoured all those beautiful memories, destroyed everything, and even took away that person a little over half a year ago.

Danielle chose to stay in the poor neighborhood and live where she used to live. Just like what that person did about half a year ago, she protected more than 20 poor infants and became these kids’ only spiritual pillar in this cold world.

“Haha, stand still! Straighten your back, stare at the front, and punch fast!” Danielle said as she smiled and nodded.

The beautiful morning sunlight shined through the garbage piles and brightened this little courtyard that could be considered clean and organized. More than a dozen little boys who were between the age of six and eight were practicing their fist techniques earnestly in the sun. Even though they still looked childish, their attitudes were serious. As they shouted and practiced, big sweat drops slid down their foreheads.

Not too far away, a few girls were picking out usable items out of the garbage piles, including leftovers that weren’t rotten and still edible.

In this poor neighborhood that was filled with violence, murders, robberies, and bad odor, this little courtyard was like a pure and safe paradise. In the golden sunlight, the children’s laughter got rid of the chilliness of the early morning in the spring, and this dirty and cold world became lively and energetic.

Danielle who was wearing a light red leather armor that was full of tears looked like a perfect sculpture. Right now, all her guards were down.

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