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Hail the King Chapter 639.1

Chapter 639: But Do You Know Who I Am? (Part One)

After traveling through several crooked and narrow pathways, the five of them got through the garbage piles and saw what was happening at the courtyard that wasn’t too far away.

More than 20 children who were younger than ten years old and wearing ragged clothes were being kept away by the soldiers of the [Rapid Wind Legion] with weapons. Fear could be seen on their little faces, and they tightly stood together and shivered. Also, they were looking at the center of the courtyard with anger and powerlessness in their big eyes.

Over there, several fancily-dressed young men who looked extremely pale laughed proudly.

In front of them, there was a female warrior who was being held down by two powerful military officials. This girl was in an old, used red leather armor, and she looked pretty and a little sexy. Even though she had an angry expression on her face, the two officials who were holding her down used their warrior energies, and she couldn’t even move by a bit.

“Hehehe, damn, this is a feisty chick! Hahaha! Keep on struggling! Hahaha! I like girls who are similar to you! Hahahaha! You are special and flavorful! Hahaha!” The person who said that was Kulun, a young nobleman who was hated and feared by almost all regular residents at Hot Spring Gate.

As a vicious light appeared in his tiny, squinted eyes, he reached out and squeezed Danielle’s white cheeks before smelling that hand with his nose.

“Yuck! B*stard!” This female warrior stared at Kulun ferociously and spat onto his face.

Pia! Pia!

Kulun instantly raised his hand and slapped her face several times, leaving big red handprints on both sides of her face.

“Don’t hit Sister Danielle! You are a bad person! A big bad person!” A little girl who was only six years old ran out and hit Kulun’s leg with her dirty little fists.

“F*ck off, you little b*stard!” Kulun was mad.

Even though he had no warrior energy and was very weak due to his alcohol and sexual consumption, he was an adult after all. He kicked that little girl on the chest, sending her flying in the air by four meters. That poor little girl instantly paled and fainted.

“Ah! Mille! Stop it! B*stard! Are you still a human? She is only a kid……” That female warrior shouted with anger, and she tried her best to break free so that she could go hold onto the fainted little girl. However, the two military officials who held her down were far more powerful than her. With their hands on her shoulders, she couldn’t do anything.

After seeing this, Kulun got excited as more viciousness appeared on his face. He laughed and said, “Haha, it looks like you care about these little b*stards a lot! Hahaha, great! Feisty chick, stand out and strip for me! If you let me have a good time, I will let go of these little b*stards! If you resist…… Hehe, I will chop off their limbs, and you can see them die in great pain yourself……”

After he said that, he signaled to the soldiers who were guarding the orphans. These soldiers placed their blades on the necks of these kids, and the sharp and chilly blades terrified them. However, they forced themselves not to cry,

“You……” Danielle was stunned.

“How could a human be this vicious? This b*stard is a devil! He should burn in hell for an eternity!” she thought.

“What? Are you still hesitating? Chop off a few limbs for me!” Kulun’s chilly and disgusting voice sounded again.

Hearing the command, the soldiers slowly raised their iron blades, and cold and bloody lights were reflecting off them.

“No! Don’t! Don’t hurt them!” Danielle screamed out in fear.

She had no choice. To her, these kids were the most important part of her life, and they were like her family. Faced with the threat from this devil, she had no choice but to surrender.

Under the burning and vicious gaze of this young nobleman who looked pale and weak, Danielle slowly placed her hands on the first button of her red leather armor. Under the greedy and lustful stares of the men around her, her face paled, and she suddenly thought of that young man who was always in her heart. “If he is here right now, then……”

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