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Hail the King Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Re-entering Diablo

Fei was surprised, but he quickly understood what Brook meant. This situation was almost like colonization.

Fei nodded and asked another question, “Continue,  how exact does this Military Exercise work?”

“My King, according to Zenit Empire’s traditions, the Military Exercise comes in two forms. The first form is a battle between the strongest individuals among all the kingdoms. Every affiliated kingdom can send their six most powerful mages or warriors to participate in the battle. The second form is a battle between troops of each kingdom. Every kingdom can send 100 elite soldiers to participate in four rounds of matches. There will be 10 matches for both battles. The kingdoms that win the most matches during the selection round will maintain their current affiliated levels. On top of that, they will also receive the opportunity to challenge a higher leveled kingdom; if they defeat them, they can take its place and advance levels.” Brook, the new [Military Guru] at Chambord was afraid that King Alexander didn’t understand, so he explained everything in detail.

“Alright, so how did we perform in the last Military exercise?”

Brook’s expression was dejected, and the other people in the hall lowered their heads as well. The atmosphere turned cold and depressing. After a while, Brook took a deep breath and said, “Your Majesty, Chambord was originally a level 4 affiliated kingdom and had influence among all the other affiliated kingdoms. However, in the Military Exercise three years ago, we were defeated continuously by both Hull Kingdom and Blackstone Kingdom, and that resulted in our drop to a level 6 affiliated kingdom. Therefore, if we can’t succeed in the next Military Exercise, our kingdom status will be stripped away and Chambord Castle will be awarded to the other great performers as a prize by Zenit Empire.”

“Dropping 2 levels in one competition?” Fei was surprised, “Since we were a level 4 affiliated kingdom, our strength shouldn’t have been weak. How did we perform so horribly?”

After Fei said that, the atmosphere in the hall became very awkward.

Brook coughed and said, “Your Majesty……Last……Unfortunately, two month prior to the last Military Exercise, the old king passed away. It……It was you who was in command. Eh, your intelligence……You weren’t normal yet……so……Eh……Except for Mr. Lampard who won his battle, we lost all the other 19 matches, so……Eh, so we dropped down to a level 6 affiliated kingdom.”

Fei was suddenly embarrassed. Very embarrassed.

He now understood why the other people in the Executive hall had weird expressions on their faces. “So it’s because of me that we’re in such a terrible position. The reason we lost so badly was due to the disappointment of the previous Alexander. But there’s nothing I can do about that. How could we not lose when a r----d who had the intelligence of a three year old commanded the troops?”

“Cough, cough.” So it’s like that……Eh, you’re right. Both Hall Kingdom and Blackstone Kingdom are truly hateful. We have to redeem ourselves this time……Brook, you can handle this, start preparing right away…… “Cough cough.” That’s all for today. The meeting is dismissed, dismissed. Hehehe!”

Fei was ashamed and embarrassed, so he dismissed the meeting immediately.

Everyone in the hall saw the king’s embarrassment. The nobles blinked their eyes as they saluted and exited the hall; Drogba, Pierce and a couple other guys laughed heartlessly. They winked at Fei and also turned around and left the Palace. Fei had to hold himself back from pointing his middle finger at them.

Everyone else was gone except for Brook.

“My military commander, do you have anything else to report?” Fei asked curiously.

Brook suddenly kneeled onto the ground; he spoke with a pleading expression on his face, “My king, please hear this presumptuous request of mine. I wish that you could revamp Chambord’s Iron Prison – Water Dungeon. Mr. Peter-Cech is very loyal to the kingdom, and because he didn’t want to conspire with the former Head Minister Bazzer, he was framed for treason and prosecuted. There are many other innocent people who were framed just like Mr. Peter-Cech in the Iron Prison – Water Dungeon. Brook earnestly requests Your Majesty to cleanse this injustice and pardon the innocent people.”


The name sounded familiar to Fei. After thinking a little, he quickly remembered that he heard this name the night before when he was getting information about this world from Brook. Peter-Cech was the former First Commander of the King’s Guards and was higher positioned than Brook. However, he was locked up in prison after he offended Bazzer, so Fei never got the chance to meet him.

By the extremely concerned expression on Brook’s face, Fei felt that this First Commander Peter-Cech should be a righteous warrior. Moreover, he could stay on top of Brook who was a one star warrior, which meant that Cech’s strength should be higher than one star. These kinds of masters were what Chambord needed the most at the time.

“You can head to Iron Prison – Water Dungeon right now and pass on my command. Tell Warden Oleg to organize the prison and pause all interrogations and torture. I will be visiting the prison with my guards this afternoon to review the files for each prisoner.”

Brook was dazed. He quickly saluted in extreme gratefulness and turned around and walked out of the palace.

Fei sat quietly on the three or four yard (m) high stone throne. Numerous thoughts came to his mind as he stared at the empty Executive Hall. This was the first time that he issued orders as the king. The feel of controlling everything was ecstatic. From now on, he would be the supreme leader of the kingdom. Although Chambord was as weak as a newborn who struggled to walk, to Fei who had the support of the magical Diablo World, it was a perfect point. One day, he would use this to agitate and move the entire Azeroth Continent.

“I hope Warden Oleg isn’t that dumb. If he understands what I mean by this, he will make some changes in the Iron Prison – Water Dungeon in half a day to recover some of his previous mistakes.”

A mysterious smile came onto Fei’s face.

Although he wanted to enter the Diablo World to improve his strength, the main reason that he didn’t go with Brook to immediately revamp the Iron Prison – Water Dungeon was that more or less, he wanted to give Warden Oleg some time to prepare. Oleg was one of Bazzer’s henchmen, and he had made a lot of mistakes, and was also very afraid of death and wasn’t a brave warrior. However, he was a one star warrior and did gain some credit in the soul-stirring battle on the stone bridge yesterday. Fei decided to give him a chance; half a day was enough time for him to make up for some of his mistakes. That way, it would give Fei a reason to let him live on.

“Fernando, go and find Uncle Bast. Let him prepare a document on all the information about the Iron Prison – Water Dungeon. If he can provide detailed information for each prisoner, that would be even better.” Fei said to the young guard Fernando-Torres behind him.

“As you wish, Your Majesty! But, Mr. Bast doesn’t control the Iron Prison – Water Dungeon, I’m afraid that there isn’t much information on his end……”

Fei smiled as he shook his head, “Fernando, don’t worry. Just go and notify him.”

He rubbed his chin as he watched the blonde boy exit the hall.

“How could Bast not know what’s going on in the Iron Prison – Water Dungeon?” Fei dared to bet his lower body that there wasn’t anything that the old fox didn’t know in Chambord. He knew that his father-in-law wasn’t as simple as he appeared to be on the surface. Maybe he and the number one warrior Frank-Lampard were preparing for this day to come all along!



Diablo World

At the edge of the 【Cold Plain】, dark clouds covered the sky and it rained rhythmically.

After a slight buzzing noise, 【Necromancer Fei】 fell from the sky and landed on a pile of corpses of monsters and demons. The land was stained by blood, and corpses and limbs were scattered everywhere. Crowds of bluebottle flies flew off the corpses due to Fei’s sudden appearance. It had been a while since Fei left the Diablo World, and all the monsters and demons who were after Fei had dispersed.

Fei picked out some valuable items that were dropped by the monsters and used a 【Town Portal Scroll】. He walked into the portal got returned to 【Rogue Encampment】 and found Female Blacksmith Charsi and sold all the items he didn’t need to this sullen NPC.

Fei didn’t return to the wild and try to level up.

He exited from Necromancer Mode and returned to the 3D character selection screen. Without hesitating, he chose Barbarian Mode and re-entered the Diablo World.

【Barbarian Fei】 appeared directly in 【Rogue Encampment】.

The third quest of 【The Forgotten Tower】 was already activated when he was rescuing the old “obscene” Cain, so he didn’t have to find a NPC to get the quest. He walked towards Kashya, the Military Leader of the camp and found the hot mercenary Elena.

“Mr. Fei, you finally came!”

After seeing Fei’s arrival, Elena was super happy. An unprecedented smile came onto her face as she ran towards Fei from her tent.

A dozen young and pretty female rogues followed Elena. Their smiled and giggled as they stared at Fei with curiosity and envy.

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