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Hail the King Chapter 640.1

Chapter 640: Go? Where? (Part One)

“You…… Who are you? You……”

Kulun and his friends were already terrified by the horrifying scenes happening right in front of them. As they looked at this extremely handsome black knight who was staring at them with murderous spirit, they couldn’t remember when they offended a tough character like him for a moment.

“Half a year ago, you killed around 40 children and a mercenary named York, and you pierced their heads on the tips of spears. If it weren’t for King Alexander His Majesty who saved the five of us, no one would have come back to you to seek revenge.” Inzagi slowly approached Kulun as he said everything calmly, but his voice sounded as cold as ice in the ears of Kulun and his friends. They shivered and sensed a chill in their spines; even the warm sunlight felt cold to them.

“King Alexander of Chambord….. So….. It is you…… You are that b*stard who got saved by King Alexander…… You……” Kulun’s face instantly paled; not a single bit of redness could be seen on his face. Even though he was useless and arrogant, he knew what the title, King of Chambord, meant at the Zenit Empire right now. The nightmare that had been bothering the entire Tolemy Family finally arrived.

“I told you that I would be back one day!”

A thrilling smile appeared on Inzagi’s face as he said that. His pearl-white teeth looked like sharp knives in Kulun’s eyes.

Inzagi’s body lightly flashed and looked like it didn’t move, but the five fancily dressed young noblemen behind Kulun held onto their necks and fell powerlessly as scared expressions appeared on their faces.

Danielle opened her big, beautiful eyes wide. Even though she was only a One-Star Warrior, she still didn’t see how Inzagi did it. It felt like if Inzagi wanted to, he could slit others’ throats with his glance alone.

Such terrifying assassination skills! These five young noblemen died just like those soldiers of the [Rapid Wind Legion].

“No…… Don’t kill me! Please don’t kill me! I made a mistake! I know I’m wrong……” The only survivor, Kulun, was so scared that he defecated uncontrollably.

As a stinky smell dispersed into the air, he kneeled, crawled over, and begged with tears in his eyes.

Inzagi frowned and backed off one step.

“You can go now. I don’t want to kill you right now.” This black knight thought about it and said suddenly.

“Ah? Really…… Really?” With tears and snot on his face, Kulun couldn’t believe his ears. He didn’t expect this merciless and murderous black knight to let him go like this.

“Get out of here!” Inzagi shouted impatiently.

“Ah, ok, ok, ok…… Thank you……” Kulun put his hands on his head and ran. At this moment, he wanted a few more pair of legs to increase his speed.

“Don’t let him go!” Danielle quickly tried to warn Inzagi. “Philip, he is the youngest son of Legion Commander Tolemy who is in charge of [Rapid Wind Legion], and his older brother is the No.1 Master of Hot Spring Gate, Dillies. He will come back for sure for the revenge! Kill him, and you guys need to leave this city right now!”

What she said instantly terrified Kulun who was running away.

“Wait!” Inzagi suddenly shouted at Kulun; it seemed like he listened to Danielle’s advice.

Kulun’s knees felt weak, and his legs shivered, making him almost fall to the ground. He wrapped his arms around his head as he begged for mercy; he was afraid that this black knight would glance at him ferociously and slit his throat.

However, that didn’t happen.

“Go back and tell your father who thinks that he is supreme and your brother who thinks that he is the most powerful young man in the world; tell them that Philip Inzagi will go and visit them soon.”

Inzagi didn’t kill Kulun. Instead, he said that to the latter as he looked in the direction of the magnificent Mayor’s Mansion which was located in the center of Hot Spring Gate.

Kulun shivered, but he didn’t dare to say anything else. He quickly ran away and disappeared from the poor neighborhood.

“You……” Danielle looked at Inzagi and didn’t know what to say. In her mind, letting Kulun go would create endless trouble in the future.

Inzagi simply looked at the female warrior and smiled gently. This smile was similar to the smile that he gave Kulun, but Danielle felt an unprecedented warmth instead of that cold and unapproachable chilliness.

At the moment, Inzagi looked like the boy next door, and he seemed so friendly that people wanted to get close and intimate with him.

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