Chapter 641: Terrifying Assassins (Part One)

Danielle’s expression instantly changed.

Elite soldiers in black armors rushed into the poor neighborhood and appeared in every alleyway, surrounding this little courtyard. They were fully equipped with the best shields and spears, and it felt like they were the waves in a tsunami that were gushing at the poor kids.

When Danielle glanced around, all that she could see were these black armored soldiers, and that scene made her feel desperate and hopeless.

Standing on the roof of a big stone house that was more stable, there was a burly young man with long blue hair. He was the person who just spoke, and the bright sunlight was shining on his face.

He was the no.1 master of Hot Spring Gate, Dillies.

Danielle’s beautiful silver eyes opened wide, and her pupils contracted. As a One-Star Warrior, she was already very sensitive to warrior energy. To her, this young man with blue hair was like a sun in the sky with his burning aura. In fact, since his warrior energy flames were so bright, even the morning sunlight seemed dim when compared to it.

This was how terrifying a peak Six-Star Warrior was.

Under the wave-like pressure, Danielle felt like she was suffocating.

In comparison to Dillies, Inzagi and the other four black knights didn’t emit any warrior energy surges. It felt like they were even weaker than the ordinary soldiers who didn’t even know combat techniques.

Danielle was extremely anxious since she felt the difference.

“Dillies?” Inzagi turned around and looked at the soldiers who were coming over. Then, he looked up at the young man with blue hair who was standing on the roof and said, “You are finally here. You also brought soldiers with you? Hahaha! Where is Old Tolemy?”

“Who do you think you are? Do you think my father would come here and deal with a little fish like you?” Dillies said as his long blue hair fluttered in the air without wind. With an arrogant expression, he said, “Only the King of Chambord is qualified to talk to my father!”

“Really?” Inzagi replied in disdain and smiled. Then, he suddenly disappeared.

In the next moment, Dillies who was standing on top of the roof suddenly changed expressions. A dash of sharp hidden energy was aimed at his throat, and he felt like the sickle of the Grim Reaper was coming at him. He couldn’t tell where his opponent was and how this man was attacking, but his sharp warrior instinct told him that he was in great danger. As a result, all the hair on his body stood up.

Subconsciously, he pushed using his legs and unleashed all his fire-elemental warrior energy. The roof collapsed under his feet as if it was made from sand, and Dillies was able to dodge the killing strike barely.

However, he wasn’t intact; a few streaks of blue hair were cut off and fell in the air.

Even though Dillies dodged the first strike, he didn’t escape from danger. That murderous sensation still surrounded him.

It didn’t matter how hard he tried, this no.1 master in Hot Spring Gate couldn’t detect his opponent’s location. He could only rely on his instinct to rival with the invisible energy.

Rival was a big word. In fact, he could only use his instinct to try to dodge and survive his enemy’s attacks.

The invisible, deadly energy never disappeared.

Dillies roared and dashed around, but he still felt like his opponent was targeting his throat.

It was a terrifying assassination skill.

Dillies was greatly suppressed, and his powerful fire-elemental warrior energy couldn’t be used. He was at a significant disadvantage, and he couldn’t even find an opportunity to catch his breath and reorganize.




Those were the only things that this no.1 master of Hot Spring Gate could do. Even though he wanted to fight back with his combat techniques, his opponent didn’t leave him any room or time.

The structures and buildings he stepped on all collapsed like sand sculptures, the hard ground also cracked, spilling specks of dust in all directions as if it was a pot of boiling water.

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