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Hail the King Chapter 642.1

Chapter 642: Get Out! (Part One)

A drop of sweat slowly slid down Dillies’ forehead.

After hearing what happened in the poor neighborhood from Kulun, Dillies wasn’t too concerned. After all, the King of Chambord wasn’t here; it was just the few weak kids who were saved by the king a little more than half a year ago. That was why he decided to come here with the elite soldiers.

“They were only poor kids; what can they do after about half a year? Although we can’t offend the King of Chambord and do anything to them, we can still scare them a little. We can threaten them a bit before letting them go, and that should handle this situation nicely,” he thought.

However, he never expected that those poor kids who were like ants in his eyes before could get this powerful. Right now, he was the ant! Even though he was the no.1 master of Hot Spring Gate, he was still no match for these people.

It was unimaginable.

Dillies was in an awkward situation.

If he really apologized and admitted defeat in front of thousands of soldiers of the [Rapid Wind Legion], then his title as the no.1 master of Hot Spring Gate would become a joke, and everyone would laugh at him.

However, what could he do if he didn’t want to apologize?

These assassins were far more powerful him, and they were supported by the King of Chambord who couldn’t even be held back by the royal family of Zenit…… What made Dillies more desperate was that even if he could find a way to detain these people, what could he do after? He couldn’t punish them or kill them. After all, the King of Chambord was overly protective of his people. If this insane ruler got mad, the entire Tolemy Family and Hot Spring Gate might turn into ashes under his rage.

Dillies was unwilling to admit defeat, but he couldn’t do anything about it! This was the first time that Dillies sensed the powerlessness as a weakling.

“What? Why are you still here?” Inzagi frowned and sneered, “If you don’t get out of here right now, don’t blame me for not giving you the opportunity. Before sunset today, all the members of Tolemy Family need to walk to this courtyard in plain clothes and pay respect to Uncle York and all my friends who were killed here more than half a year ago. Also, I need your father to personally kill Kulun, the perpetrator of that incident, right here. You need to experience the pain that we experienced, and it will also remove a tumor from Hot Spring Gate. If you do what I said, it will put an end to this. Otherwise, Tolemy Family will be wiped out when the moon rises tonight.”

“You……” Dillies was enraged; he didn’t expect this black knight to come up with such a hard requirement. He shouted, “Don’t push it too far!”

“Push it too far?” The mockery on Inzagi’s face intensified. He added, “Never mind; I don’t want to talk to you anymore. Just a friendly reminder; you need to learn to admit defeat and surrender when you are this weak. If you think you have the power to resist and fight back, I will be waiting here for you. For now, if you don’t want to die, get out of here! Relay what I said to the decision maker in the Tolemy Family!”

It was a slap in the face.

As soon as Inzagi finished speaking, a series of whooshing noises sounded as if it was resonating what Inzagi said.

The archers who were behind the front formations gasped as they felt like a gust of wind blew by. They were all pulling their bows, but the bowstrings that were made from tough yet elastic beast muscles were all cut in half like hairs. Close to 200 strong bows were turned to trash, but no one saw the people who did it.

This was too scary.

It was clear that their opponents didn’t want to kill anyone. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be bowstrings that were cut but their necks.

No one could defend against this!

Dillies shivered uncontrollably.

All his courage disappeared instantly. The fate of his family was now in his hands, and this pressure was suffocating him. His arrogant and powerful stance melted like snow on a hot summer day, and he had to lower his head under Inzagi’s glare. After he kicked the ground, his body turned into a dash of flames and disappeared in a flash.


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