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Hail the King Chapter 642.2

Chapter 642: Get Out! (Part Two)

Dillies’ voice sounded from afar.

More than 1,000 elite soldiers who came here in high spirits lost their morale. After hearing that command, they quickly moved and disappeared like the falling tide, leaving a bunch of messy footprints behind on the ground.

Danielle, who watched in amazement, had her understanding of the world around her flipped up-side-down.

“Philip defeated Dillies who is the no.1 master of Hot Spring Gate? And he won so easily?”

What surprised Danielle even more was that one of the ten main battle legions of Zenit, the [Rapid Wind Legion], retreated in panic after Inzagi said a few things.

“It looks like Dillies is really scared of the power behind Philip…… Could it be…… Could it be that Philip is really under the legendary King of Chambord? And he is valued a lot? What kind of a person is the King of Chambord really? He didn’t even show up here, but his name is enough to scare the Tolemy Family who had been at Hot Spring Gate for many years. Even Dillies who is a Six-Star Warrior doesn’t dare to do anything but to run away……”

Although Danielle heard of the King of Chambord from other mercenaries, she was still sad over the death of her close ones and focused her attention on training and taking care of these orphans. Therefore, she didn’t know much about the king.

At this moment, this pretty female warrior suddenly realized that she only heard of this name before but didn’t know anything else about him. She was curious as to who this legendary man was.

“Alright, Danielle, don’t just stand there. Go buy a few magic carriages in the city. After all this is over, let’s all go back to Chambord City. No one will bully kids there, and the kids could learn from the best teachers and instructors. If you want to, you can even study there as well!” Inzagi said as he handed a bag full of gold coins to Danielle who was still in shock. Then, he asked Owen and Raul to go with her to buy the carriages and clothes that they may need.

On the way, this female warrior couldn’t hold back her curiosity. She pulled the ears of these two young men who she hadn’t see for more than half a year, and she asked them about what happened to them after they got separated.

This was Danielle’s first time hearing their experiences, and she was glad that the five of them got so lucky.

“So, Philip is now the first disciple of the King of Chambord, one of the most powerful people in the empire. His identity is prestigious, and even the leader of the Tolemy Family would have to come out and greet him. No wonder Dillies didn’t dare to say anything back after Philip scolded him……” she thought.

This was the first time that Danielle had this much money, and she felt a thrill when she spent it while under protection.

After about two hours, they bought all the things that they might need on the way back to Chambord. Most of the stuff was bought by Owen and Raul since Danielle never even heard of the items that they purchased. After all, Danielle wasn’t experienced in planning long trips.

When everything was bought, they hired a few grooms and went back to the poor neighborhood. However, the entire neighborhood was surrounded by the elite soldiers of the [Rapid Wind Legion] again, and no one knew what was happening on the inside.

All the people who wanted to see what was going on were pushed away by the soldiers, and Danielle and the other two black knights were blocked as well.

“Stop! Leave, or you shall be killed!” a powerful military commander of the [Rapid Wind Legion] said to them as the soldiers protected him.

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