Chapter 643: Leaving, Breakthrough (Part One)

Seeing how strictly the poor neighborhood was guarded by soldiers, Danielle, who was sitting in front of one fancy magic carriage, was shocked. “What is going on? Damn it! Could it be that the Tolemy Family is trying to go back on their words? And they sent troops over to kill us all? We should have left right away! Now, we wasted so much time buying these items…… What should we do?”

Owen and Raul, who were guarding this carriage from the two sides on their black horses, looked at each other and smiled.

“Hahaha! Sister Danielle, don’t worry! Even if old Tolemy has 10,000 times the courage, he won’t dare to do anything,” Raul said with disdain as if the soldiers in front of him were nothing in his eyes.

“Sister Danielle, you say that because you don’t know what King Alexander His Majesty is capable of in the Zenit Empire, and you don’t understand what kind of status Brother Philip holds in the Chambord Kingdom. To be frank, even the leader of the Tolemy Family who has absolute power in Hot Spring Gate is far below Philip’s level. Haha! They wouldn’t dare to do anything! Unless everyone at the Tolemy Family is stupid, and none of them want to live! If Brother Philip wants, he could put this bloody noble family into history in a few hours on his own!”

Michael Owen was one year younger than Raul, but he sounded a lot bolder.

Danielle was stunned.

She realized that she still hadn’t adapted to the huge change.

Her friends who she lived with in that courtyard about half a year ago all transformed. They had trouble finding enough food for everyone before, but they were now confident warriors. They were able to fight for themselves in this chaotic world, and their powerful stances shocked Danielle continuously.

“Do you all want to die? Get out of here!” Seeing the magic carriages approaching without signs of stopping, the military commander who shouted before dashed forward and slashed the horsewhip in his hand at Owen with viciousness on his face. Like a vicious snake, this horsewhip dashed toward Owen without mercy.

“Back off!” Owen said as he waved his hand.

A dash of green wind-elemental energy blade shot out and cut this horsewhip into exact 20 pieces. Then, it passed by this commander’s ear and cut off a few strands of his hair.

This control of energy was shocking to everyone in the area.

This commander was terrified, and he almost fell off his horse. As he got mad and was about to command his soldiers to shoot arrows, he suddenly realized something……

He suddenly realized that the two black knights in front of him were wearing unique armor. Although the two sets of armor looked ordinary and a little rough, they were actually made from the fur of high-level demon beasts. Black flames would appear around them when they were under the sun, and vague magic energy fluctuations could be sensed. Also, the horses these two black knights were riding on were taller than ordinary war horses and were more energetic.

“The King of Chambord’s black knights?” This terrifying thought appeared in this commander’s head, and his face instantly paled. He jumped off his horse weakly and asked with a flattering smile on his face, “You guys… two misters, are you envoys from Chambord?”

“Go away!”

Owen rode his horse forward without even looking at this commander.

This assassin who was only 14 years old was a little extreme. Since he had been around the king for more than half a year now, he picked up some of the king’s attitudes. He truly admired soldiers who were unyielding, and he hated these people who were arrogant in front of people who they thought were weak and soft in front of people who they believed were powerful.

“Yes… Sir, this way. Please… Quickly! Move away! Let these two gentlemen and their carriages through! You b*stards! Why are you all so slow?” After getting scolded, this commander didn’t dare to get angry. He quickly ordered the soldiers who were defending this area to create a path and let Danielle and the two black knights through.

After this, Danielle finally calmed down again.

She now truly believed that the Tolemy Family wouldn’t try to take revenge on them.

As to the name, ‘King of Chambord,’ this female warrior had engraved it into her soul.

Elite soldiers of the [Rapid Wind Legion] stood on the streets in this poor neighborhood, but no one dared to jump out and stop them. Soon, Danielle and the two black knights arrived at the courtyard, and Danielle was surprised even though she mentally prepared herself.

There were many members of the Tolemy Family who were wearing white robes in the courtyard.

These noblemen who were usually arrogant were shivering in fear at the moment, and they were ashen-faced. Haughtiness and proudness could no longer be seen on their faces, and it seemed like they were more tamed than puppies. They stood in the courtyard with their heads lowered.

In the middle of the courtyard was a little altar created temporarily by wood, and there were all kinds of rare food and treasures on this altar as tributes.

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