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Hail the King Chapter 643.2

Chapter 643: Leaving, Breakthrough (Part Two)

Kulun who was usually reckless in Hot Spring Gate was tied up, and he looked dull and dispirited. If he weren’t propped up by two strong men who were half-naked on the top and holding knives, he would have collapsed onto the ground.

“Kill him! Kill this trash who only brings trouble to the family!”

“Kill him! He brings shame to Tolemy Family! He offended the King of Chambord, and his fate was already determined a long time ago!”

“Use this dumb*ss’ head as an apology to the King of Chambord His Majesty!”

“Kill him and burn him! I told you all that he should be disciplined! Kulun had been acting recklessly in Hot Spring Gate for a while now, and he is going to do something that brings doom to the family sooner or later! Humph! The leader of our family just wants to protect his son! Now, his youngest son caused such a big crisis for the family! I think old Tolemy should step off as well. He should resign from his position and take responsibility for this tragedy!”

“Yeah! The King of Chambord is too powerful! How could we mess with his first disciple?”

“Damn it! Dillies is an idiot! Just because he wants to protect Kulun, he tried to challenge the first disciple of the King of Chambord! Who does he think he is? Does he really think that he is invincible? He completely ignored the potential consequences that his actions might bring to the family!”

Loud and angry shouts sounded in the crowd. Under the leadership of a few people who were trying to pivot the opinions one way, all the members of the Tolemy Family who were dragged into this were mad, and they cursed at Kulun as if he wasn’t the second inheritor of the family but a vicious enemy.

Everyone who shouted was a core member of the family.

In order to save themselves, they all shifted their anger onto Kulun and the current family leader. There were fights everywhere! The Tolemy Family wasn’t in one piece, and there were fights for power within it. Therefore, some clever members tried to use this opportunity to flatter the King of Chambord and also harm the current family leader so that they could gain more benefits and power.

Inzagi stood behind the small altar with the kids. He didn’t say anything; he stood there and sneered as if he was watching a clown show.

A gloomy old man who was in his fifties slowly walked onto the altar, and he was holding a green sword. As he looked around, his domineering aura instantly suppressed the family members who tried to cause an uproar.

This gloomy old man was the current leader of the Tolemy Family.

He sneered and shook his wrist before piercing through Kulun’s heart mercilessly. As Kulun’s screams sounded, this old man kicked him to the ground and pulled out the sword that was stained by his son’s blood. Then, he cleaned the blood with the bottom of his shoes.

The entire process was quick and without hesitation.

There was no emotion that could be observed on old Tolemy’s face; it felt like it wasn’t his son who just died but a chicken. He was truly cold-blooded.

He glanced around and stated chillingly, “Kulun is a big trouble maker, and he is guilty of almost all crimes. I have killed him now and delivered the punishment. Humph! I know that there are people similar to Kulun in this family, and I will reorganize the family and execute anyone who committed hideous crimes. I will give the residents of Hot Spring Gate, the King of Chambord His Majesty, and Emperor Yassin His Majesty a good answer!”

It was absolutely quiet around the altar; everyone sensed the murderous spirit in old Tolemy’s words. Some people wanted to use this opportunity to force the family leader to resign, but who knew that he was merciless and would kill his son without hesitation? In addition, he was going to use this chance to ‘cleanse’ the family. The game of power sure wasn’t humane.

After seeing this, Inzagi called over Daniele and others. After packing up everything in the ragged stone houses, they loaded the carriages and left the poor neighborhood. None of them wanted to talk to the corrupted nobles anymore.

Old Tolemy’s expression changed a little and looked at Kulun’s corpse beside him. He kicked this corpse off the altar and ordered a soldier beside him coldly, “Go bury this trouble maker somewhere! He is useless, and it is better now that he is dead!”


After leaving Hot Spring Gate, everyone felt relaxed.

Danielle and the kids felt an unprecedented thrill, and they were humming songs on the way like birds that finally broke out of their cages.

Inzagi and the other four black knights were happy as well.

They only came here for the revenge, but they met their friend who they thought was dead. It was a pleasant surprise.

Inzagi exhaled deeply, and his expression suddenly changed.

The threshold that had been blocking his path of cultivation showed signs of moving, and he was joyous.

“It is just like master said!” he thought.

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  1. Vash the Stampede

    Yep, murder is always the answer

  2. Chinese culture, have problem? Solve it by killing someone

  3. OG

    I really wanted Izgani to tell the kids a lesson while the Tomely’s were fighting.” Kids. See the corruption and evil that is in this family? It is result of greed and entitlement. Keep not regard for these types they will always find their own ends.”

    This was an amazing super fun time chapter.

  4. Gibz

    What if… the ‘kulun’ that tolemy killed was a body double?
    Kulun does not have warrior energy right? So he couldnt be sensed like those with one…. right????

    • It’s fine if Kulun still lives. Inzagi gets to advance in cultivation and that’s what matters. The rest of these people in Zenit are all small fries.

  5. Didn’t they say earlier on that everyone got cremated on this continent and no one buried so how come he is getting buried

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