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Hail the King Chapter 644.1

Chapter 644: Returning to Chambord (Part One)

Sensing the change that was taking place in his body, Inzagi roared as the green warrior energy flames instantly enveloped him. Surges of warrior energy dispersed into the area like waves in a tsunami, and his long black hair fluttered in the air without wind.

Whoosh! He jumped off his horse and dashed into a magic carriage.

“Huh? What is going on? What is happening to Philip?” Danielle who was singing with the kids in another big carriage was shocked by this sudden event.

“This is good! Philip is about to break through!”

“Haha! His Majesty said that Brother Philip could definitely break through the threshold after this mental barrier is lifted! Hahaha! Master was not wrong! From now on, Brother Philip’s path of cultivation would be smooth and broad! Sister Danielle, don’t worry! This is a good thing!”

The four black knights were surprised and felt happy for Inzagi.

They rode their horses around the carriage that Inzagi was in and guarded him.

Waves of green warrior energy flames traveled through the walls of the carriage and dispersed into the air, dyeing half of the sky green. Wind-elemental warrior energy rushed into the magic carriage from all directions, and streaks of small tornadoes formed around the carriage and circled in like playful kids. As these tornadoes moved around, rocks and dust got sucked into them, but the area within 100 meters of the carriage was very calm.

This scene was magnificent.


-The Morning of the Second Day-

As the wedding day of the King of Chambord approached, more and more people came to Chambord City. At the moment, long lines formed on the southern bank of Zuli River.

There was only one Reserve Whale Battleship on the Zuli River transporting people, and it couldn’t rest at all. The huge body of the ship created a series of waves, and it traveled back and forth between the two banks with a level of speed and agility that didn’t match its huge size. The foreigners who first saw this scene were all surprised.

“Wow! Such a big ship! This is my first time seeing something like this! Does it belong to Chambord as well?”

Magic carriages slowly stopped at the port.

Danielle stuck her head out of the window and saw the massive ship on the river. She got surprised just like other foreigners, and the kids around her who just woke up rubbed their sleepy eyes and got out of the carriage. They were instantly shocked by the huge battleship, and none of them felt sleepy anymore.

Until Danielle and the kids actually got onto the ship, they still hadn’t woken up from the shock.

This female warrior ran around the deck of the ship with the kids as they looked around, and they were hyped.

Although some other passengers beside them were shocked by the size and the speed of this ship, they didn’t show that on their faces. These people who dressed fancily and thought that they had seen everything pointed at Danielle and the kids who were in ragged clothes, and some of them even scolded them arrogantly and treated them like bumpkins.

Only those people who rode [King Alexander] before looked at Danielle and the kids with fear and respect in their eyes. They knew that people weren’t allowed to run around on this ship; if someone ran into the restricted area on the ship, they would be beaten by the masters of Chambord.

These people who were more observant saw Danielle and the kids walk out of the VIP zones, and the restricted areas on the ship were opened to them as well. When they ran around on the ship, no masters of Chambord came out to stop them.

“These people’s identities aren’t that simple,” they thought.

After 20 minutes, the ship arrived on the other side of the river. Danielle and the kids said goodbye to [King Alexander] unwillingly and went back to their magic carriages before going into the city.

Then, the magic teleportation arrays before the defense wall excited them for a while as well.

The organized and wide streets, the bright storefronts, the busy people, the magic items, the polite patrol soldiers, the smile on people’s faces…… All these made Danielle and the kids feel like they were in a paradise.

This was their first time seeing this beautiful city, and they all felt like it was many times better than Hot Spring Gate, which was one of the top ten cities in Zenit.

“Brother Philip, is there a poor neighborhood here as well? If not, where are we going to live tonight?” The cute Millie blinked her big eyes and asked.

Inzagi smiled and replied, “There are no longer poor neighborhoods at Chambord City! Everyone could live in bright houses, and you guys will be living in clean houses and sleeping on soft and comfortable beds! Also, fireplaces will be lit so that you won’t be cold, and there would be food for you all to eat and get full on!”

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