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Hail the King Chapter 644.2

Chapter 644: Returning to Chambord (Part Two)

All the kids started to cheer after hearing that.

To them, what Inzagi described was the best place in the world!

“Hahaha! Look at how happy you guys are! Let’s go to the best restaurant in the city first to feed you guys, and then I will take you to where you will be living. Later, we will take magic photos and fill out applications at the Department of Revenue. After that, you will be citizens of Chambord, and you can all receive free education. If you work hard enough, you can even get enrolled into Chambord’s Civil and Military University……”

As the kids asked questions such as “What is revenue?” and “Where is the Civil and Military University?”, Inzagi answered all of them with a big smile on his face. The carriage traveled on the right side of the road and stopped when there was a red light…

After half an hour, they arrived at a nice restaurant in the dining region of Chambord.

The magic carriages were parked by the waiters, and Inzagi led the kids who skipped into the main hall.

Since it was still in the morning, there weren’t many customers yet.

Owen and Raul went up to order, and Inzagi and everyone else sat down at the tables near the window.

Even though the magic carriages were fast, they traveled more than 200 kilometers in the night, and they were a bit tired and hungry.

These 20 to 30 kids were playful and curious. Even though they were all hungry, they still ran around, chatted, and cheered like happy birds.

At this moment, Inzagi suddenly heard a series of talks.

“Hey, did you hear about it? The guests who were welcomed by the King of Chambord personally yesterday were all masters from the Black-Cloth Shrine of the Holy Church, and there were about 800 of them. This is the first time that Chambord let so many people into the city at once. Several envoy groups from big empires were asked to camp on the other side of the river, and only the key figures such as princes and their guards were allowed into the city. The Holy Church sure is powerful! Even the King of Chambord doesn’t dare to neglect them!”

“Hahaha! You know too little! It isn’t that simple! I heard that the King of Chambord is the [God’s Favorite Child] of the Black-Cloth Shrine, and a lot of people are saying that King Alexander is about to become the bishop of the Black-Cloth Shrine! Therefore, it is reasonable that he allowed the people from Black-Cloth Shrine into the city.”

The two mercenary-looking men were murmuring to each other beside Inzagi on the next table, and Inzagi heard them clearly.

He didn’t react at all, and he only continued to eavesdrop.

“Yeah! The King of Chambord is about to become the bishop of the Black-Cloth Shrine…… This is strange; this news got around quickly a few days ago. It seems like some people are trying to promote it, and I’m not sure if it is the truth.”

“We can wait and see. The Northern Region Church is hosting the Shrines’ Ranking Battle in about half a year. If the King of Chambord goes there, then……”

“Yeah, you are right. I also heard that a lot of big characters came to this city.”

“Compared with people who came a few days ago, they aren’t that influential; they are just masters from other affiliated kingdoms. They are people such as [Magic Princess] Cindy, [Silver Armored Vicious Sword] Reyes, and Shevchenko who ranked no.2 in the competition at St. Petersburg. Also, King Constantine of the Byzantine Kingdom in the south also came here.”

These two mercenary-looking men knew a lot of information. As they chatted, they didn’t notice that the handsome black knight beside their table picked up all the critical information.

However, Inzagi stopped eavesdropping after a while.

Right now, Chambord had its intelligence network. All the mid-level to high-level officials in the six departments at Chambord would instantly know what was happening in and around the city.

When Inzagi boarded [King Alexander] this morning, someone handed him a detailed intelligence report in the command center of the battleship. What these two mercenaries said were all recorded on that report.

Soon, the fancy and delicious dishes were made and served.

As Danielle was about to call over the kids who were still running around and playing, a series of heavy footsteps sounded by the stairs. Then, 15 to 16 vicious-looking strong man appeared by the stairs on the second floor with weapons in their hands.

Inzagi only took a quick glance and saw the same symbol on these mercenaries’ weapons and armors.

The symbol was a handsome horse running in the wind; they were members of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group].

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