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Hail the King Chapter 645.1

Chapter 645: The [Four Spikes] under the King of Chambord (Part One)

From the symbols alone, it seems like these people weren’t of low-status in the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group], and they all looked like arrogant hooligans. As soon as they walked up to the second floor, they glanced around viciously. When they noticed that there were kids who were wearing ragged clothes, one of the mercenaries who had a red bandana on his head and a cross scar on his right cheek frowned.

“What is going on? This restaurant is quite upscale here; why are there so many little beggars in here? Damn! They are dirty, and I’m losing my appetite!” this man with the cross scar murmured to himself angrily.

A tall and thin mercenary behind him understood what he meant. He slapped the table in front of him and shouted overbearingly, “The [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] is hosting a meeting with masters from the [Fire Blood Mercenary Group], and we are taking all the tables on the second floor. Anyone who is not related should leave right now! Otherwise, bear the potential consequences yourselves!”

There weren’t many guests on the second floor, and the ones who were here all paled after hearing the name of this mercenary group. Some of them wanted to yell back at first, but they now decided to pack up and go down the stairs without hesitation.

Inzagi frowned and pulled back the other black knights who were about to confront these mercenaries. Then, he called over the waiters and asked them to move all the dishes on the tables to the first floor. After that, he waved at Danielle and the kids and tried to continue eating on the first floor.

“Damn! Such a hottie! Look at that waist! It must be great when riding her!” a few mercenaries saw Danielle who was wearing red leather armor, and their eyes lit up as they whistled at her.

Danielle only gave them a hard stare.

She heard of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] before, and she knew that she couldn’t fight against them. In order not to cause more trouble for Inzagi and others, she just headed toward the stairs with anger on her face.

“Hahaha!” Seeing this, the mercenaries of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] got even more reckless and arrogant as they laughed and slapped the table.

The tall and thin mercenary who shouted at first had a sly smile on his face. When little Millie was walking by him, he suddenly moved one of his feet forward and tripped this little loli who didn’t expect this.

Bam! Millie fell onto the ground, and her nose started to bleed. The acute pain made this girl cry instantly.

“You……” Danielle was infuriated.

She saw what this mercenary did, but she was much weaker and wasn’t able to react in time to save Millie.

“What? This dirty little beggar stepped on my foot and stained my precious magic battle boots. How should we settle this?” That tall and thin mercenary looked at Danielle up and down with a lustful smile on his face. As he laughed, he continued, “Hottie, are you a relative of this little girl? Hehe, great! How are you going to compensate me? It is going to be at least a few gold coins. Hehehe, if you don’t have this much money, then you have to come over and accompany us for a bit.”

These mercenaries had more important things to do, and they shouldn’t keep a stranger on the second floor. However, Danielle was really pretty, and her figure was almost perfect as well. On top of that, she had a unique temperament that ordinary girls didn’t have. Therefore, the mercenaries from the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] couldn’t hold themselves back.

“We haven’t done anything for several days since we arrived at Chambord City. This pretty girl looks like a mercenary, and she is only wearing ordinary clothes. She probably doesn’t have a big background, and we can kill her after we vent our urges on her. No one is going to know a thing!” they thought.

“You…… don’t push it! You tripped Millie on purpose!” Danielle shouted at this tall and thin mercenary angrily after she helped Millie to get up and wiped the blood off Millie’ face heartbrokenly.

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