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Hail the King Chapter 645.2

Chapter 645: The [Four Spikes] under the King of Chambord (Part Two)

“These guys are too bad! How could they do such a thing to a kid? They are vicious and made Millie fell hard,” she thought.

“Hahahaha! I am pushing it! What can you do? I did it on purpose! Are you going to compensate me or not?” that tall and thin mercenary asked loudly.

Little Millie was scared, and she shrunk in Danielle’s arms and didn’t even dare to cry.

Inzagi who already walked downstairs with the other kids came back to the second floor. He looked around and instantly understood the situation. As he frowned, he whispered something into Owen’s ears as the latter came over. Then, Inzagi patted Danielle’s shoulder and walked down with her and little Millie.

“You want to go? Damn it! You are seeking death! You b*stards……” This tall and thin mercenary was enraged after seeing this.

As he slammed the table and was about to chase, a black figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

When this mercenary saw a young black knight easily blocking his way, he was stunned by the speed that this mysterious young man demonstrated. He didn’t dare to make a move without more information, so he asked angrily, “Who are you? How dare you interfere with the matter of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group]? F*ck off!”

“Didn’t you say that you want compensation?” Owen opened his palm and showed ten shiny gold coins. Then, he tossed them to this tall and thin mercenary, and the gold coins stacked on top of each other beside the latter’s feet, forming a perfect cylinder. Then, Owen laughed provoking, “The money is here. It is up to you to get it!”

“Yuck! You little b*stard! How dare you try to play tricks in front of me?” The thin and tall mercenary was stunned for a second, and he fell for the provocation. He pulled out his sword and slashed it at Owen furiously.

Owen sneered and dashed away.

Whoosh! His body disappeared like a phantom.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A series of air-piercing noises sounded, and blood was spilled. The tall and thin mercenary was surprised at first, and then he started to scream like a pig that was being slaughtered.

The right leg that he used to trip little Millie was chopped off from the knee, and it fell beside the stack of gold coins.

As a desperate expression appeared on his face, his body silvered and fell to the ground as he continued to scream and groan.

Tink! Tink! Tink!

All the mercenaries on the second floor were shocked, but they reacted instantly. They all drew out their weapons and quickly surrounded Owen. With murderous expressions on their faces, they stood in their positions and even blocked off possible escape paths such as the windows and stairs.

The leader who had a cross scar on his right cheek walked up and looked down at Owen with a serious expression. He opened his mouth and said, “Interesting; I didn’t expect myself to misjudge people…… Where are you from?”

“What? You trying to befriend me after losing to me?” Owen didn’t panic. Instead, he scolded them ferociously, “Since you are in Chambord City, you should keep quiet. You guys are way too weak, and you are just bringing shame to your [Wind Horse Mercenary Group]. Even your group leader wouldn’t dare to be reckless in front of Our Majesty. Who are you? How dare you to behave this way?”

“You…… you are under the King of Chambord?” This man with the cross scar on his cheek was shocked.

“I’m one of the [Four Spikes] under King Alexander His Majesty’s command, [Killing Spike] Michael Owen.” This young black knight quickly gave himself a cool nickname.

Since they were young, Owen and his peers had strange ideas. Therefore, Owen and the three others thought of cool nicknames for themselves, and they named their group, [Four Spikes]. They thought of their nicknames for a while now, and they finally got to use it today.

After hearing Owen’s words, this man with the cross scar on his face turned ugly.

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  1. Alef Null

    “since thy were young, owen and his peers had strange ideas”… How dare you, autor… when Alexander is such a Chuunibyou…. he even create the saints xD

  2. Draghnov

    So true ahahah

  3. bananaisblue

    Those assassin kids are getting cocky just like their master. They will have very dangerous situation because of that, without plot armor to protect them.

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