Chapter 646: Slap Yourself (Part One)

Although they didn’t know what [Four Spikes] meant, they were clear that this young black knight was a master of Chambord.

“Damn it! The stuff we have to talk about with the [Fire Blood Mercenary Group] is related to the King of Chambord, and that is why we have to make sure no other people are on the second floor. However, we attracted the attention of the masters of Chambord…… What should we do?”

After seeing how Owen moved, this man with the cross scar knew that this black knight who was very young was a terrifying master. Even if they wanted to keep him here and attacked him as a group, they probably couldn’t succeed. In addition, if they started a fight, other masters of Chambord would notice this and ruin their big plan.

Therefore, this man with the cross scar got mad, and he sneered at the tall and thin mercenary who was still screaming and groaning. “Shut up! If it weren’t for this idiot, we wouldn’t have offended the masters of Chambord!”

After hearing that, the tall and thin mercenary was terrified, and he bit onto his lips and didn’t dare to make any sound, even though big sweat drops appeared on his forehead due to the acute pain.

“Mr. Owen, this brother of mine already lost his leg. What do you say that we end it here?” Since they got more important things coming up, this man with the cross scar on his face decided to end this incident quickly, so he endured the anger and tried to put an end to this quickly.

“He tripped our princess, and it would be too easy for him only to lose a leg. However, since we are the host and are forgiving, we will end it here. However, those of you who whistled at my big sister need to slap yourself on the face three times.” Owen looked handsome and calm, but he was very sharp. Therefore, he stared at the mercenaries who whistled at Danielle and said coldly.

The man with the cross scar frowned, but he took a deep breath and kept his emotions in check. Without turning around, he ordered, “You all heard this master! Why aren’t you moving? Slap yourselves three times hard to apologize to that lady!”

Pia! Pia! Pia! A series of loud slapping noises sounded on the second floor of this restaurant.

The [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] could be considered disciplined. As soon as that man with the cross scar gave the order, all the mercenaries slapped themselves hard without hesitation. Their faces swelled, and streaks of blood leaked out of their mouths.

After doing that, they all stared at Owen viciously in silence, and it looked quite chilling.

A cold smile appeared on Owen’s face as he said, “Ok, we will put an end to this right here. However, I have to remind you that Chambord City isn’t like any other places. You better behave in Chambord City, or the consequences will be severe. Ok, you guys continue whatever you are doing; I will be leaving now.”

He wasn’t scared of the viciousness these mercenaries expressed at all, and he turned around and left.

Dashes of light appeared in the eyes of this man who had a cross scar on his face, but he didn’t say anything.

“Oh, one more thing. It seems like a lot of you are not willing to admit defeat. If you guys really want to challenge me, come and find me later; we can settle it on a Sword-Testing Stage. Hehe, these stages are set up so that warriors could put an end to conflicts using force, but we would need to sign contracts. After all, killing is allowed on these stages. If you want, I don’t mind killing you all!” Before Owen walked downstairs, he suddenly turned around and said that. In the same time, he crossed his thumb over his throat, provoking these mercenaries even more.

The man with the cross scar clenched his fists, but he knew that this young man was provoking them on purpose. Therefore, he forced himself to be quiet, and he watched Owen disappear from the second floor.

“Yuck! What are you so proud of? That King of Chambord can’t even live long! You are only his little henchman, and I will come and find you as soon as the King of Chambord is killed! I will make you beg for your death!” a powerful mercenary spat and cursed in the direction that Owen disappeared.

“Shut up!” the man with the cross scar shouted, “What are you saying? Do you think that we don’t have enough troubles?”


As Owen walked down the stairs, a sly smile appeared on his face.

Even though he was domineering a moment ago and stepping over the line a little, he wasn’t arrogant; all of that was planned, and he already discovered a lot of things.

In the main hall on the first floor, Inzagi was already eating with the kids.

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