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Hail the King Chapter 646.2

Chapter 646: Slap Yourself (Part Two)

Danielle was really anxious right now. After all, the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] was the no.1 mercenary group in an area within 500,000 kilometers of the Zenit Empire, and it was almost on par with the empires in this region. It was far more powerful than the Tolemy Family at Hot Spring Gate in all aspects, and she was afraid that Owen might not be able to deal with all those mercenaries alone.

Now seeing Owen walking downstairs unharmed, she finally relaxed.

This female warrior was more and more confused.

“Is the King of Chambord really only the little king of an affiliated kingdom in Zenit? Why does it seem like nothing in this world could hold him down?” she thought.

Half an hour passed, and all the kids finally got full and could no longer eat.

Inzagi left with them and didn’t pay more attention to the mercenaries of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group]. This made the man with the cross scar relax and exhale deeply.

After all the kids got on the carriages, and they were about to leave, Inzagi and the other four black knights saw a group of 20 or so mercenary-looking people walking near. They were all burly and pressing, and their weapons and armors had bloody flame symbols on them.

This symbol belonged to the no.2 mercenary group in the region, [Fire Blood Mercenary Group].

What surprised Inzagi and his peers was that the leader of this group was a long silver-haired female mage who had long legs and a beautiful body.

Her black magic robe couldn’t cover up her alluring figure, and the short wand that was about half a meter long was shining in her hand. In addition, there was a strange demon beast that looked like a colorful parrot on her shoulder, and its long, beautiful feathers fluttered in the wind like a waterfall and attracted a lot of attention.

This female mage led a group of warriors and walked passed Inzagi and his group.

Inzagi wasn’t sure if it were his hallucination, but he felt like that woman glanced at him and his group for a second before looking away.

“This beautiful woman is deadly!” he thought.

However, he didn’t stay here any longer. He rode the magic carriages and left with the kids.

Since Inzagi was one of the powerful masters of Chambord, he had his own mansion. Even though he hadn’t lived here for a while, there were servants and maids who cleaned it regularly. Therefore, the kids were able to live in here after they did some quick organizing.

Danielle and the kids looked at the big rooms and the beautiful gardens, and they all smiled wholeheartedly.

From now on, they didn’t have to worry about wind sneaking into their house, being cold and hungry, seeing mice around, getting attacked by wild cats and dogs, getting the walls collapsed onto them…… The list went on and on. Overall, they were able to have nice and comfortable rests.

“Haha, from now on, this is your new home! In half an hour, there will be people coming here to take your magic photos, and you guys only need to cooperate. I already ordered the servants to make all of you clothes, and you only need to rest for now. I have some errands to run, so please excuse me for a while,” Inzagi said to the kids with a smile on his face after getting them settled down.

“Oh, ok. We will behave ourselves, Brother Inzagi. You should go and do your work.” The kids were all understanding.

Inzagi rubbed their heads and reminded Danielle a few things. Then, he rushed out of his mansion.

When he came out, the other four black knights were already waiting for him.

They looked at each other and nodded. Inzagi dashed toward the back mountains, and the other four returned to the restaurant that they were at before.

After he got to the back mountains, Inzagi roared, and a shadow suddenly rushed down the hills; it was Blacky who now had a pair of huge wings.

Inzagi leaped onto Blacky’s back, and it flew toward Sky Castle that was located on Five Sword Sky Mountain.

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    Hey whats the name of that mercenary group that fei hates that used to kidnap chambord cititzens? Fei killed a few of their leaders

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