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Hail the King Chapter 647.1

Chapter 647: Path of Assassin (Part One)

Since Blacky was able to leap over the dragon gate, it was able to undergo a magnificent transformation.

Ever since Blacky took that leap of faith at that valley half a month ago, it was a turning point in its life. It broke the limitation that the holy creator put on it when it was born, and it achieved something that was unimaginable! It turned from an ordinary dog into a mutated supreme king-level demon beast.

Right now, its body was as giant as a huge mountain, and it scared all the demon beasts in the area.

Its huge wings looked like they were made from numerous black blades, and the wingspan was at least 100 meters. As Blacky fluttered its wings, clouds of dark green wind-elemental energy circulated underneath them, lifting its huge body into the air.

It was really agile, and it dashed toward the Sky Castle on the Five Sword Sky Mountain instantly.

Inzagi stood on Blacky’s back calmly as his long hair fluttered in the air.

Suddenly, Blacky sniffed through its nose as if it smelled something unique.

It fluttered its wings and turned around 180 degrees rapidly. Its huge eyes emitted a terrifying red flame as if it detected something, and it opened its mouth and roared as it spat out a cloud of orange fire.

This terrifying fireball dashed toward one location like a meteor, dragging out a long time.


As it dashed forward quickly, it slammed onto something invisible.

The space rippled like waves, and the huge fireball exploded, releasing heated energy in all directions and burning everything that it touched.

As this explosion took place, it felt like a portion of the blue sky was torn open like a painting, and black cracks appeared.

Suddenly, a scream sounded, and a figure who was burned black fell from the cracks. This person tried to dash away instantly without even turning his head around. He turned into a phantom and quickly disappeared.

Blacky let out a series of terrifying yet muffled roars.

However, it paused for a second and didn’t chase. Instead, it flew toward the Sky Castle.

It quickly passed through the invisible energy sphere that protected the Sky Castle, and it landed on the central mountain before the [Godly King Palace].

Inzagi jumped off Blacky and entered this palace.

Fei was resting on [The Throne of Chaos] which was located behind that mystic white lotus deep inside the palace.

As if he knew that Inzagi was coming, Fei opened his eyes and glanced at Inzagi up and down. Then, he said with a pleasant smile on his face, “Nice, you finally broken through the threshold. Haha, you even jumped up twice and reached mid-tier Nine-Star! This is unexpected. Did something unique happen in Hot Spring Gate?”

Inzagi bowed respectfully and told Fei everything that had happened, didn’t matter if it was big or small.

“Eh, you did good, and killing only Kulun is a better decision. Even though old Tolemy and Dillies are bad eggs as well, Zenit is going to need them. Chaos is about to arrive on the continent, and killing them and destroying the [Rapid Wind Legion] would only decrease the overall strength of Zenit and turn Hot Spring Gate into a mess in a short time. With them there, they could guard the gate that would block anyone from coming to our Chambord from the south.” Fei nodded after hearing Inzagi’s report, and he was pleased with what Inzagi and the other four black knights did at Hot Spring Gate.

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  1. Gibz

    Blacky’s body is as big as a huge mountain and 100 meters of wing span… really?!
    Forget the 10 legions, this guy is worth 20!!

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    so many chapters of inzagi bs…. finally something to read….

    • hikikomori hachiman

      I finally found a comrade.
      You are right. Stop with the multiple POV, author.

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    Name of the chapter:
    Path(Creed) of Assassin
    five seconds after reading the chapter
    Ever since Blacky took that LEAP OF FAITH ,HAHAHA, I see, Edward is calling me back,back to my old job.

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