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Hail the King Chapter 647.2

Chapter 647: Path of Assassin (Part Two)

He thought for a bit and added with a smile, “I didn’t expect that there would be any survivors that night; this is a pleasant surprise. This must be the reason why you leveled up two realms, right? Good, just treat Danielle and the kids according to your own plan. Let the Revenue Department do their investigations. If they all have clean backgrounds, let them join Chambord. Only the kids who experienced hardship would treasure what they have. Like Owen and others, they will become elites of Chambord sooner or later.”

“Thank you, Master.” A thankful expression appeared on Inzagi’s face.

Then, he told Fei about the meeting between the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] and the [Fire Blood Mercenary Group]. After that, Inzagi added worryingly, “According to Michael’s test, their intents aren’t pure. I’m afraid that they are conspiring about something, and they aren’t friendly toward Chambord. They might be planning to ruin Your Majesty’s wedding in a few days.”

“They are just a bunch of clowns!”

Lights appeared in Fei’s eyes, and it seemed like he already knew about this. As he knocked on the armrest of [The Throne of Chaos] with his fingers, he closed his eyes and thought for a moment. Then, he said, “You guys can further investigate this matter between the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] and the [Fire Blood Mercenary Group], and I won’t ask any questions. You guys can use any methods you want, as long as you don’t cause a big scene.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Eh, you are at mid-tier Nine-Star, but the residual power of the godly herb that I gave you is still in your body, and it isn’t converted into warrior energy yet. You don’t need to stay in the Sky Castle to cultivate temporarily. Peaceful cultivation is useless to you at the moment, and you need more experience as an assassin. You need to know that the path of assassins is about taking the perfect opportunity in chaos. Once you miss, you can retreat and re-strategize or wait nearby for another opportunity. You need to judge the situation well and make the best decision. It is quite chaotic in the city right now, and it is the perfect environment for the five of you to practice. Let loose and trigger changes in your bodies through real combat!”

“Yes, Master.” Inzagi bowed again and left the [Godly King Palace].

Now, Fei was the only person in this palace, and that mystic white lotus was slowly swaying on the surface of the pond.

Little Raccoon was nowhere to be found. Since it didn’t fit in, it rarely played with Blacky and the three little dragons. It usually ran around and chilled in the Sky Castle, and it was rare to see this animal unless it was dining time.

A blue portal appeared in the palace quietly, and Fei stepped into it.


-Nightmare Mode, Diablo World-

It snowed every day on the summit of Mount Arreat, and everywhere was covered.

A terrifying battle was taking place, and it had lasted close to four hours in the heavy snow.

Suddenly, an angry roar sounded, and it shattered all the snowflakes that were falling from the sky, signaling the end to the battle.

On the ancient altar, one of the three Ancients, Talic, finally fell. This most powerful Ancient roared and turned back into a life-like golden statue. Clouds of golden mists flew out of this golden statue and into Fei’s body, nurturing all the cells in his body and strengthening his power.

This was the completion of the second last quest, [Rite of Passage], on the fifth map, [Harrogath].

Just like Normal Mode, since Fei wanted to kill Baal in the [Worldstone Chamber], he had to endure the test put up by the three Ancients, Talic, Krolic, and Madawc. These three Ancients in Nightmare Mode were many times more powerful than the Ancients in Normal Mode, and the three skills, [Whirlwind], [Leap Attack], and [Throw Axes], reached a new level in their hands.

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