Chapter 648: Chambord’s Increase in Strength (Part One)

In the last four hours, Fei and Elena experienced the most excruciating battle that they ever fought.

It was fortunate that Fei and Elena experienced a similar battle once in Normal Mode, and they were able to coordinate much better.

Just like last time, Fei battled Talic and Korlic head-on. Using [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] and the battle style of the barbarian, he was able to defeat Talic and his two swords and Korlic and his battle ax.

On the other hand, Elena and Madawc got into a long-ranged battle. Using her insane archery skills, she was able to defeat the third Ancient, Madawc who mastered [Throw Axes].

This quest was tough, and Fei and Elena were both severely injured after the battle, especially Fei. In the end, he used up all the potions on him, and his HP fell to a dangerous level. Elena was covered in blood as well. If it weren’t for the protection offered by the new item, [M’avina’s Embrace – Kraken Shell], she would be more injured than Fei.

Of course, the higher the risk, the higher the reward.

Now, Fei’s barbarian character reached Nightmare Mode level 99, and it was the level threshold in this mode.

Similar to what happened in the Normal Mode, the two clouds of golden mist from the two golden statues nurtured Fei’s body after Talic and Korlic were defeated. This meant that Fei was about to undergo another transformation.

In addition, he received the essences and understandings Talic and Korlic had toward [Whirlwind] and [Leap Attack], and these two skills were even more powerful.

By using the [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] to cast these two techniques, the primitive and violent sensation was gone, and a lively sensation replaced it. It felt like these two techniques had their souls, and Fei was able to use them with even more control. Just in damage dealt alone, these two techniques could rival with Mythical-level Combat Techniques used by Sun-Class Lords.

Valkyrie Elena received a lot of benefits as well. She was now a Nightmare Mode level 90 Magic Archer, and her body was nurtured by the cloud of golden mist from Madawc’s golden statue. She was getting more powerful, and she was slowly elevating from the realm of archers. She also received Madawc’s essence and understanding toward [Throw Axes], which was a technique that was similar to archery.

After the battle, both Fei and Elena were exhausted.

Even though they used [Full Rejuvenation Potions] to heal their bodily injuries, that spiritual level fatigue couldn’t be recovered in a short time.

Fei fell back and sat on a pile of snow by the altar, and he grabbed a handful of snow to clean the blood off his body. He only felt a little refreshed after that.

Elena was in no hurry. She cleaned her weapon and her armor gracefully, and she soon returned to her usual state as she stood by Fei’s side.

“Our wedding is only in two days; are you happy?” Fei smiled and teased the Valkyrie.

“Eh.” Elena nodded with a smile on her face; she wasn’t shy at all.

This was what Elena was like; she never hid her love for Fei, and she wasn’t as shy as girls who were young and conservative. She always expressed how she felt, and she wasn’t going to change her character just because she was in love.

“Haha! What if there are people who try to mess with us on our wedding day?” Fei stood up and said as he lightly caressed Valkyrie’s long red hair and smelled the fragrance on his fingers. He knew that his wedding wasn’t going to be calm, and he was letting Elena know ahead of time.

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