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Hail the King Chapter 648.2

Chapter 648: Chambord’s Increase in Strength (Part Two)

“Kill!” Elena grasped her battle bow firmly and flicked the bowstring.

Fei laughed; Elena’s way of dealing with problems was always simple and straightforward.

“Ok, I will listen to my cute Elena Her Highness. We will kill anyone who tries to mess with us on our wedding day,” Fei said as he carried his huge war hammer on his shoulder, not looking like a king and a powerful master at all.

Stepping on the thick snow, Fei walked toward the only entrance to the [Worldstone Keep] that was behind the frozen waterfall. In the same time, he laughed and said, “However, we need to improve our strength if we want to teach our enemies a lesson. We need to do more work these two days. If we could defeat Baal who is on the [Throne of Destruction], we might be able to elevate our strength to the next realm.”

Elena finally blushed a little after hearing Fei’s playful words, and her beauty was unparalleled, stealing the spotlight from the nature around her. However, she was walking behind Fei, and the king didn’t see that beautiful scene.

The two of them broke the hard ice outside the [Worldstone Keep] forcefully and walked into the dark entrance.

Battles were about to arrive again.

The [Worldstone Keep] was divided into three levels, and the third level led to the terrifying [Throne of Destruction]. It was a palace filled with the power of hell, and it was bloody and murderous.

Final Boss, Baal, was hiding there, and along with it was the most terrifying monsters and demons from hell.

Only after killing all most enemies could Fei enter the [Worldstone Chamber] and battle with the real Baal. Then, Fei would be able to go to the next difficulty level after passing through the Nightmare Mode.

After about four hours, Fei and Elena cleared the first two levels in the [Worldstone Keep], and daily gaming limit was about to ran out. Therefore, they had to exit from Diablo World.


-[Godly King Palace]-

After returning to the real world, Fei sat back down on [The Throne of Chaos] and closed his eyes, thinking back to what happened in Diablo World and comprehended understanding Talic and Korlic had toward those two techniques. Then, he exhaled and started to think about the situation Chambord was in.

He could clearly tell that a storm was brewing above Chambord City.

This time, Fei wasn’t facing opponents like Crown Prince Arshavin but various forces outside the Zenit Empire. The Chambord Kingdom was growing too fast, and too many people were drooling over it as if it was a huge piece of meat.

The upcoming battle was a life-and-death battle for Fei and the entire Chambord Kingdom.

Fei’s wedding day was going to be a day where a lot of blood was going to be spilled.

However, how many of Fei’s trump cards did the outsiders know about?

As Fei was pondering about how he could overcome the upcoming challenge, sudden changes occurred. Several powerful warrior energy fluctuations appeared around the [Godly King Palace], and they dispersed into the area like smokes. These fluctuations were unstable, but they were all powerful, each reaching the Moon-Class Realm.

Fei’s face changed color, but he soon got excited after thinking about something.

“Hahahaha! Great! They all broke through at this critical moment! Now, all the issues are solved! Hahahaha! We can create a storm of our own and let the vicious schemer and conspirators pay with their blood!”

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