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Hail the King Chapter 649.1

Chapter 649: Chambord’s Increase in Strength (2) (Part One)

This sudden good news instantly made Fei feel optimistic about the future of Chambord.

The powerful warrior energy surges were appearing out of the stone palaces around the [Godly King Palace].

At this critical moment, the warriors of Chambord such as Cech, Drogba, and Pierce who were cultivating diligently in Sky Castle all broke through around the same time. With the help from the unique environment in Sky Castle and the effect of the godly herbs, they were able to work hard and achieve a small miracle. All the broke through the threshold at peak Nine-Star and stepped into Moon-Class.

Fei got a little emotional.

One year ago, these people were all insignificant; some of them were little warriors, and some of them didn’t even have warrior energy. However, they were all breaking into the Moon-Class Realm which was the dream for a lot of warriors on this continent. If this information got out, it would be a piece of shocking news! After all, this cultivation speed was beyond imagination!

The so-called super geniuses were about this level.

As he sensed the surging warrior energies around him, Fei thought of something and took out six combat weapons from his storage ring; he prepared them a while back. He waved his arm, and the six weapons flew toward six stone palaces on the mountain.

These combat weapons were among the hundreds of combat weapons that Fei got from the last ancestral place of the dwarfs, and he already pre-assigned a lot of them.

In the next moment, the combat weapons appeared in the stone palaces.

Drogba, Pierce, Torres, Cech, Oleg, and Robbin were enveloped in their warrior energy flames in surprise and joy, and they were experiencing the transformations that were taking place in their bodies. Suddenly, they saw mystic and powerful weapons flashing before their eyes.

[Black Haired Vicious Fist] Drogba got a huge tower shield that was more than two meters tall and one meter wide. It was a level 6 combat weapon, and it was named [Holy Collision]. It was in the shape of a trapezoid, and it was curved outward, forming sharp edges on the surface. Also, there were lines of deadly spikes on the four sides of the shield, creating a rare magic array. As a result, streaks of magic energies circulated on the shield and made up all kinds of mystic symbols.

[White Haired Fast Sword] Pierce got a broadsword that could only be used by two hands.  It was also a level 6 combat weapon, and it had three blood grooves on it. With both edges sharpened, the blade looked as reflective as a pond of water. What was unique about this sword was that its tip separated into two like the tongue of a snake, and the two tips curled backward, forming two back hooks with lines of teeth in them. The hilt of the sword was engraved with writing from the Mythical Era and was named [Sky Splitting Scar].

[Son of Wind] Torres got a level 6 bow of course, and it was named [Will of Gods]. Its body was fancy, and it was gilded with gods engraved on its body. In addition, there were patterns that resembled two different beasts on the two ends, and the beasts had their mouth open, emitting one green beam of light between them. This green beam of light was the bowstring. This bow was about two meters long, and it looked tough to control. What was more surprising about this bow was that the bow could be separated into two at the halfway point, creating two knife-like short-range combat weapons. This bow’s shape and functionally were both top-tier.

[Destructive Finger] Cech received a pair of gloves that matched his skin color. It was named [Lover’ Touch], and it was delicate in comparison with the combat weapons that other warriors got. Not sure what material it was made from, it almost had no magic symbols on it, and its style was ordinary as well.

When Cech put it on, he felt like there was one more layer of skin, and it was hard to notice. The only thing that gave it away a little was the hard finger cots.

Warden Oleg got a huge spherical hammer that didn’t have a handle. Instead, it was connected to a long black chain, and it was named [Greeting of the Darkness]. The spherical hammer hand a diameter of one meter, and the black chain allowed it to be used in both short-range and long-range combat.  In fact, if Oleg wanted, he could use this huge hammer as a shield as well. It was visually shocking, and it was a rare combat weapon.

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