Chapter 649: Chambord’s Increase in Strength (2) (Part Two)

The weapon that appeared in front of Robbin was named [Wind’s Kiss], and it was a set of three curved knives. The bodies of the blades were as thin as paper, and they were the perfect light weapons for someone like Robbin to use. They could be used in short-range combat, and they could also be used as long-range throwing knives. The three knives were like winds when they were thrown into the air, achieving almost 100% stealth. They had the ability of killing enemies without even alarming them.

The six warriors of Chambord grasped onto their combat weapons at almost the same time.

Fei picked out these combat weapons according to their warrior energies and combat techniques, and he was absolutely right. The six warriors felt like these combat weapons were becoming parts of their bodies, and they felt smooth using them.

“Hurry up and get used to the combat weapons. Communicate with them and become one with them. You need to get ready to experience nature’s challenges,” the king’s voice sounded by their ears.

When obtaining contact with combat weapons that didn’t have owners, warriors had to communicate with them using their souls.

Since combat weapons had their own souls, the warriors had to get their acceptance before they could unleash 100% of the power of these unique weapons. After receiving the acceptances, these weapons could also be stored in the warriors’ bodies, becoming their greatest help.

Therefore, the six warriors of Chambord didn’t dare to wait, and they quickly used their souls and warrior energies to communicate and own up to these combat weapons.

Soon, six clouds of elemental storms dashed toward the Sky Castle. Like six pillars that connected the land with the sky, they moved around Sky Castle when they got close, and they absorbed similar elements in the air to strengthen themselves.

As these elemental pillars got bigger and bigger, they got closer and closer to the six warriors who were sitting in the six stone palaces on the mountain in the center of the Sky Castle.

The orange earth-elemental storms were aimed at Drogba and Oleg’s palaces.

The silver metal-elemental storms were aimed at Pierce and Cech’s palaces.

The green wind-elemental storms were aimed at Torres and Robbin’s palaces.

After breaking through to Moon-Class, the six masters got natural law’s attention, and the elements in nature started to reject and attack the six of them. Only the ones who successfully endured nature’s challenges could temper their bodies, condense their warrior energies, and elevate into the new realm for real. Only after both their warrior energies and life energies transform, they would be considered as real Moon-Class Elites.

Fei sat on [The Throne of Chaos] and appeared in the sky above the summit of the central godly mountain.

He was carefully monitoring the elevation process of the six masters. This experience would be dangerous to any warrior, but nature’s challenges that these six warriors of Chambord were facing were even more powerful. Since natural elements were abundant in and around the Sky Castle, the elemental storms were much crazier. If the six warriors weren’t careful, they might experience a backlash and die instantly.

Fortunately, the mystic power of the stealth energy sphere around Sky Castle blocked all sensations. Therefore, when looking from the direction of Chambord City, nothing was happening at Five Sword Sky Mountain, and the masters there couldn’t sense the violent and mighty nature energy here.

“Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!!!!”

Little Raccoon crawled out from somewhere and screamed as it jumped onto the stairs connected to [The Throne of Chaos]. Its cheeks were puffy as if it was chewing on something.

It was staring at the six elemental storms that were powerful enough to disturb the void, and it was clear that it was scared by this sudden change. Right now, it was staring at Fei with its teary eyes.

Fei smiled and waved his hand, taking Little Raccoon up onto the throne.

Nature’s challenges lasted about one hour.

Then, the chaotic natural elements finally disappeared, and the storms were gone. The blue sky and white clouds were revealed again.

The six masters didn’t disappoint Fei. They finally passed through the trough nature’s challenges and transformed themselves just like Blacky. Like carps that jumped over the dragon gate, they became powerful Moon-Class Elites.

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