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Hail the King Chapter 65

Chapter 65: The Jump in Strength of the Female Mercenary

“Sister Elena, so this is the Barbarian Warrior that you’ve always kept in mind? Wow, he’s a little different from what I’d imagined. I didn’t know that a Barbarian could be this handsome!”

“Heehee, yeah, look at his muscles. He’s so muscular…… No wonder he could travel on the dangerous moor alone!”

“Warrior, you have to take good care of Sister Elena. She’s the prettiest 【Rogue Flower】 and also a strong and reliable magic archer……Heehee, I bet you didn’t know that after hearing that you were going to challenge the Fallen Paladin Griswald-Edward, Sister Elena has been super worried for the last couple of days; she was even calling your name in her dreams!”

A bunch of flower-like youthful female rogues crowded Fei and Elena as they twittered and laughed like sparrows, flirting with both of them.

Some of the more daring girls even walked up to Fei and giggled as they touched Fei’s ripped pecs and biceps with their cold hands. These cold female rogues who protected 【Rogue Encampment】 and battled against monsters on the moor had shown their naughty side.

When the women started “bullying” them, it was terrifying. Fei was overwhelmed with all the surrounding female rogues; a bright blush also covered Elena’s beautiful white face. After Fei realized that the situation was turning in the other direction, he grabbed Elena’s small hand and ran away from the girls wind chime like laughter.

“I’m so envious of Sister Elena, that Barbarian warrior is such an upright man!”

“Yeah, Elena is so lucky, it’s rare to meet these kinds of friendly and nice travellers.”

“Heehee, If I was Sister Elena, I would immediately make him my man……”

At the entrance of the female rogues’ tents, the girls played with each other as they watched the two of them run away. They all had envious expressions on their faces. In this world where survival wasn’t guaranteed, love was a luxurious good. Righteous and kind travellers like Fei were the ideal lovers in many female rogues’ mind. However, even if they didn’t die in battles with monsters, the rogues would only become the wives of farmers and reproduce to make sure that there was always fresh blood at the camp.


The Barbarian character was Fei’s highest leveled character, so it had the most damage and defense. Fei had decided a long time ago that he was going to main the Barbarian and level him up as fast as he could. That way, he could become powerful in the shortest amount of time. Other characters such as the Sorcerer and Paladin were defined by Fei as support roles.

Before leaving to the moor and leveling up, Fei had some preparation to do.

Because he broke open the stone bridge on the Zuli River, his Barbarian’s double-handed axe had been destroyed in the process. Fei had to go to the female blacksmith Charsi to purchase some new items. This time, he spent 2,000 gold coins and bought another double-handed axe that had a damage of 1-30. This axe looked similar to the last axe, but the maximum damage on it increased to 3 more points; among all the axes that Charsi sold, it definitely had the highest damage.

After Fei had finished purchasing his items, he suddenly found out that there was a golden exclamation mark. This meant that there was a new quest for him to complete. Fei tried to communicate with this sullen brown haired girl; after about twenty seconds of talking, just like how he expected, he received the quest to find a magic hammer at the 【Barrack】 that would allow Charsi to build magic items.

After he received the quest, he began right away. With some planning and reviewing of the map, he decided to complete the quest that was easier to get to first. Before starting Charsi’s request, Fei planned to complete the third novice quest which showed up after he finished rescuing Cain – kill the Countess in the 【Forgotten Tower】. Fei took Elena who was full of joy after their reunion through the portal in 【Rogue Encampment】 and arrived at 【Dark Woods】.

Currently, it was noon in Diablo World. The weather surprisingly wasn’t rainy, and even the dark clouds that usually never dissipated were gone. The sun appeared in the sky and shined on top of their heads; it was very warm and comfortable.

After confirming the direction, both of them chugged down 【Stamina Potions】; like an eloping couple, they ran towards the 【Black Marsh】.

“Oh, right. Elena, this bow might be useful to you……” While running and slaying a bunch of monsters, Fei suddenly remember the golden rare item 【Boreal Razor Bow】; he kept it just for Elena. He quickly got it out of his 【Item Slot】 and gave it to the hot mercenary.

It was a light short bow. The bow’s body was light gold, and numerous mysterious lines were engraved onto the curved body. A thin golden thread that exuded a soft light connected the two ends of the bow together and the whole bow was permeated with magic powers; it looked like a piece of artwork.

Elena flushed. The magic archer lowered her head and revealed a rare gesture similar to that of a baby girl. She raised her hand and took the short bow out of Fei’s hand lightly; her voice was soft, like the fluttering of a mosquito, “Thank you, Mister.”

“Eh……Elena, don’t call me mister anymore. From now on, just call my name directly.” Fei was a little captivated by this mercenary’s looks. He was stunned for a little bit and scratched his head as he smiled.

Elena replied, “Alright, Mister Fei.”



Killing the Countess wasn’t hard.

The location of the quest was at the 【Forgotten Tower】 in the 【Black Marsh】. After entering the tower, they had to go to the deepest floor at level 5 to find the hidden Countess. Every level in the 【Forgotten Tower】 was filled with all kinds of monsters and demons, including some mini-bosses too. The difficulty here was much higher; it was obvious that compared with the moors and plains outside, the underground environment were more suitable for higher leveled dark and undead creatures. Fei and Elena spent a tremendous amount of effort to get to the underground level 5 floor in the 【Forgotten Tower】.

Fei had a good plan; if the situation didn’t turn out well, he would open up a town portal and send Elena back to 【Rogue Encampment】 first and try to take down Countess by himself using the shameless kiting and running tactic. However, as soon as they entered the fifth level, the short bow in Elena’s hands bloomed with blue frost arrows continuously; like a call from the Grim Reaper, the final boss Dark Hunter Countess didn’t even have a chance to chant her magic spell. She was shot by the frost arrows accurately and had a hard time moving. Fei immediately took the opportunity and charged at the Countess while swinging his new axe. In a couple of strikes, the dark hunter had fallen to the ground.

“Damn, why was that so easy?” Fei was surprised.

He realized that Elena’s strength had increased beyond his expectations. That level of damage was equal to the attack of a level 8 magic archer, but Fei clearly remembered that this female rogue was only level 5 when he entered the Diablo world last time. “How did her strength increase this fast?”

When Fei was stunned and thinking, new changes occurred –

Numerous white lightning strikes exploded from the Countess’ corpse and the whole tower began to shake, as if there was a huge earthquake and the sky was falling down. Suddenly, a golden treasure chest appeared out of nowhere; it was surrounded by a white cloud of haze. The chest was like a gold mine, and gold coins flooded out of the opening non-stop.

“Damn! I’m rich!” All Fei could see were gold coins.

In the blink of an eye, the ground was covered in a layer of gold coins. The gold lights were flashy and bright. There were so many coins that the floors looked like it was layered in gold bricks. The “clinking” sounds of heaven from coins falling out of the chest stopped after about twenty seconds, and then the chest disappeared.

Fei turned around and looked at Elena. He saw the same thing again; it looked like the natives in the Diablo World couldn’t see all the items and rewards that were dropped from the monsters and bosses; Elena hadn’t seen this magnificent scene, and she held onto her bow and guarded Fei. After feeling Fei’s gaze, Elena’s white face turned red instantly; she lowered her head and looked helplessly as she didn’t know what to do.

Fei was stunned yet again by the hot mercenary’s reaction. He really wanted to flirt with her, but before that, he picked up all the items and gold coins first.

It was a little disappointing when the Countess died; not a single rare item had dropped from the final boss in the 【Forgotten Tower】. There were only a couple blue magic items, but at least there were over 5000 gold coins.

After he cleaned up the battleground, Fei looked at his experience bar.

He needed 5 of 6% before he could get to level 13. One hour had passed by already; it was the same as his estimate; more experience would be needed each level, and his leveling speed would slow down as a result.

After killing the Countess, Fei and the hot mercenary immediately rushed to the next quest location – 【Monastery Gate】 at 【Tamoe Highlands】 to complete Charsi’s request. This monastery was the holy place where nuns and monks served god. However, after the monsters and demons took over, it became a miserable hell. What was worth mentioning was that the final boss for the novice map 【Rogue Encampment】- Andariel was also hiding at this place.

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