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Hail the King Chapter 650.1

Chapter 650: Sudden (Part One)

At this moment, the six elemental storms that were dispersing into the region symbolized the rise of the Chambord Kingdom.

From now on, this level 1 affiliated kingdom of the most northern level 1 empire on the continent had eight Moon-Class Elites, and the king almost reached the Sun-Class Realm. If Fei could take one more step forward, he would become one of the most powerful masters in the area of 500,000 kilometers around Zenit.

If that happened, the real strength of Chambord could be more powerful than the empires around it.

As Fei stood on [The Throne of Chaos], he could clearly sense the natural laws circulating around him. In fact, natural laws were everywhere, and they were like the veins on the leaves.

As a Nightmare Mode level 99 Barbarian, Fei was already equivalent to a peak Full Moon Elite.

However, if he actually trained warrior energy step by step and had sufficient understanding of nature, he would be able to comprehend more natural laws and tell that there were numerous invisible chains in the air, locking the mortals down.

The real masters could only break these natural laws on them before they could get any more powerful.

Fei wasn’t like any other ordinary master on this continent. Since his power came from Diablo World, he wasn’t too keen on the natural laws compared with other masters on his level. However, through the clouds of golden mist from Talic and Korlic’s golden statues, Fei was able to get empowerment, and he achieved level up without having to have a good understanding of the natural laws.

Currently, the chaotic elements in the air started to disappear, and Drogba, Pierce, Cech, Torres, Oleg, and Robbin finally finished their transformation.

Their auras stopped growing, and their accumulations and natural talents were able to be compared now.

Cech had the most amount of accumulations among the six warriors, whereas Torres had the most talent. Therefore, the two of them quickly got to level 8 low-tier New Moon, far surpassing other four warriors.

Even though they couldn’t be compared to Lampard who had many secrets on him, they could still be considered as insane geniuses among all masters who advanced to Moon-Class.

Then, it was Pierce, Drogba, and Robbin. The first two almost didn’t have much warrior energy foundations before meeting Fei, and they were elevated to this realm by Fei alone. On the other hand, Robbin met Fei a lot later, so he only got access to Fei’s resources shorter. Therefore, the three of them only got to level 4 low-tier New Moon.

Lastly, there was Warden Oleg, the fatty who loved to flatter the king.

According to how it should be, Oleg would be more powerful. When Drogba and Pierce were still only strong men who had no warrior energies, Oleg was already a One-Star Warrior. Also, he had been serving Fei longer than Robbin, and he should be at a higher realm.

Unfortunately, this fatty had his mind on too many things such as flattering the people around him and managing the Justice Department of Chambord. In addition, he wasn’t as crazy about cultivation as people like Pierce and Drogba, lacking the strong motivation to become a powerful master.

Instead, he was more into obtaining a perfect body and getting more physical strength. Therefore, he spent most of his time tempering his body, and this unique training method made him lag behind others after reaching Moon-Class, and he was only at level 1 low-tier New Moon.

Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!

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