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Hail the King Chapter 650.2

Chapter 650: Sudden (Part Two)

Suddenly, six roars sounded from the six stone palaces around the [Godly King Palace] one after another, and people could feel the excitement in the voices.

Although they had been working hard and trying to reach Moon-Class every day, they all felt unbelievable after finally achieving their goals. As they stood in their stone palaces, they thought back to their journey and felt like they were dreaming. There were numerous Nine-Star Warriors who were stuck at that level on the Azeroth Continent, and they weren’t able to break through to Moon-Class didn’t matter how hard they tried. Now looking back, they all had humble beginnings, but they were able to walk through and the path of cultivation and achieve the milestone that many geniuses couldn’t do……

It was unreal!

Fei sensed the joy of his loyal henchmen, and he laughed out loud.

In the next moment, he returned to the [Godly King Palace].

The king moved his mind, and a vast energy scanned through the six stone palaces around him. The six warriors of Chambord suddenly felt like their visions blurred, and the scene before them shifted, In the next second, they somehow disappeared from their stone palaces and appeared in the [Godly King Palace].

This was one of the miraculous skills that Fei learned after reaching peak Full Moon Realm.

He was able to utilize the power of natural laws and teleport people who were much weaker than him to him in a certain range; this already resembled the power of Sun Anomalies.

Once Fei can get the power to alter and reconstruct the natural laws, he will be able to form his sun anomaly.

“Your Majesty!” The six warriors all greeted and bowed since they quickly realized what was going on.

Seeing their king smiling at them, the six of them felt very emotional, and they didn’t know how they could express their gratitude. If it weren’t for the effort of care of this young king who created numerous miracles, how could they successfully turn their fates around, becoming Moon-Class Elites and transforming their lives? Now, their lifespan doubled, and they could fly in the sky without restrictions.

The six of them all single-kneeled.

“Get up! The six of you finally achieved Moon-Class! Hahahah! Out of the 12 Golden Saint Mountains, each one of you will get one!” Fei looked at them and nodded pleasantly. Then, his eyes landed on Robbin.

Out of the six warriors, only Robbin wasn’t a saint seiya yet.


-Two days before the King of Chambord’s wedding-

It was about four o’clock in the afternoon, and it was sunny.

This moment would be recorded in history books with emphasis, and it was going to be the story that numerous traveling poets told.

It was still busy on the streets of Chambord City. People were coming and going, and the street vendors were busy getting customers. There were nobles who were wandering around, traveling poets who were going to tell stories, and bylaw enforcement officers who were patrolling the area with sterns expression…… This was a typical afternoon, and it wasn’t too hot or too cold; it was just right.

Suddenly, a shocking incident happened, surprising everyone.

The clear-blue sky suddenly darkened without any warning, and it felt like the bright sun was devoured by something. Soon, the entire region was enveloped by darkness. It felt like someone spilled ink around, staining everything. It was so dark that people couldn’t even see their fingers in front of them.

No one knew what was happening.

Suddenly, the bright stars shone in the sky, painting a beautiful scenery.

The stars were glaring like gems, and they were showing off their beauty which was rare to see.

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