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Hail the King Chapter 651.1

Chapter 651: Sudden Appearance (Part One)

“What…… What are those symbols?”

“The stars in the sky could combine into so many vivid images? Is that a cow? Or cattle? A demon beast that is human on the top half but horse on the lower half? Oh, is that a huge crab?”

“What is going on? Why did the sky suddenly darken? These stars…… Who can tell me what is going on? I have never seen anything like this before! What are these symbols?”

“The gods are showing their powers! This is a miracle!!”

“Waah, the great gods, are you finally going to bless your followers?”

“These constellations and patterns never appeared before…… This…… Such mysterious power; it is as vast as the universe. Ancient, prolonged, deep…… Could it really be the power of the gods?”

Both ordinary people and the mighty warriors were stunned by this since they had never seen this happen. It was the first time in their lives that they saw something this mystic.

Only the citizens of Chambord weren’t that anxious and nervous.

They experienced something similar when Lampard advanced into the Moon-Class Realm……

“Which master advanced successfully this time?” they thought.

All the citizens of Chambord were shivering in excitement, but they all ignored the outsiders who wanted to ask them about what was going on. They have already learned the idea of ‘national confidential information’ from their king, and they would never tell others about what was going on under normal circumstances.

Just as what they had anticipated, the phenomenon that appeared once before showcased itself again.

As if gods were issuing commands in secrecy, all the bright stars in the sky started to dim one after another. This scene was magnificent and unbelievable.

“Who could have the power to command the stars?” they thought.

In the end, only a few hundred stars were still shining brightly in the sky, forming several perfect constellation images.

These constellation images emitted tens of thousands of starlight beams down on the continent, and they all landed in the direction of the 12 Golden Saint Mountains. Then, streaks of golden energy flames shone from the mountains, shooting back at the stars, lighting up the darkness together with the colorful starlight.

This beautiful scene was too dreamy, and many people believed that only the gods could create it.

In just a dozen seconds, the stars in the sky formed six different constellation images, and all the light beams condensed into six as well, pouring down the sky and into the six sword-like mountains in the back of Chambord City like golden waterfalls.

Then, the sky brightened again, and everything returned to normal.

After a few seconds, the sky went back to its clear blue color, and the clouds reappeared.

The sunlight came back and shined on the land, bringing warmth to everyone, and the spring breezes felt comfortable and not chilly at all. The beautiful spring showcased itself in front of everyone, making people feel like what happened was just their hallucinations.

The people at Chambord City started to murmur amongst themselves.

All the envoy groups from various empires and affiliated kingdom, as well as the mercenary groups, were confused, and they all wondered what just happened.

“What is the power that caused that mystic phenomenon?” they thought.

As warriors, they were very sensitive to energies fluctuations and powers, and they clearly could tell that when the darkness enveloped the land and the starlight shined down on the continent, a type of power that never appeared on the Azeroth Continent before showed itself. It was an ancient and mighty power that came to this land abruptly.

The origin of this phenomenon was the mountains at the back of Chambord City, but no one dared to enter that restricted and deadly area anymore.

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