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Hail the King Chapter 652.2

Chapter 652: The Beginning (Part Two)

There was a short pause, but that chilly sensation appeared on his neck. As a cold blade pressed against an artery on his neck, a casual voice sounded by his ear, “Move if you want to die.”

This voice sounded ethereal, and it felt like it was from a hermit who saw through life.

From the beginning to end, the man with the cross scar on his face didn’t know who this deadly assassin was.

Without their captain who was the key force in this battle array, the mercenaries weren’t able to operate the array in full effectiveness.

Without control, the warrior energies around Owen weakened, and he was able to dash around like a phantom. Every time he made a turn like lightning, an experienced and vicious mercenary would fall quietly without having the ability to fight back.

It seemed like the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group]’s battle array was within their opponents’ expectations.

In fact, it felt like Owen understood this battle array better than the mercenaries! He was able to calculate and catch the weaknesses of this array formation that would only exist for a split second, the more than 20 elite mercenaries who were chosen for this operation all lied on the ground.

As he sensed the chillness by his neck, and the man with the cross scar on his cheek was furious but couldn’t do anything.

Owen stopped moving and stood still after he did all that, and he licked his black dagger habitually as he looked at the captain of these mercenaries in mockery and disdain.

“Who! Tell me who are you!” The man with the cross scar on his face felt like his heart was sinking little by little, and he asked the man who was behind him.

“One of the [Four Spikes] under the King of Chambord, [White-Suit Spike] Gonzalez Raul,” that ethereal voice sounded by his ear.


-In the backyard of a unique-looking hotel at Chambord City-

“Hey, I already told you that this place is reserved for the [Fire Blood Mercenary Group]! It doesn’t accept other guests! Hey, are you deaf? Why are you still walking in? Stop! I’m talking to you! What is going on? Stop!”

Two cute female mercenaries in tight-fit clothes chased after the three strangers who walked through the gate without saying a word. The two of them quickly caught up and blocked them with weapons in their hands, and they observed these three unwelcome guests in hostility.

“Little girl, you better move. I’m here for your captain.” Among them, the thin and tall young man who looked 15 years old smiled and showed his pearl-white teeth.

“Humph! Do you think you can see our captain just because you want to?” the girl with short red hair replied angrily.

“Yeah! Tell us who you are first! I will put your name in line! When our captain is free, we will let you know. We already kicked out more than 100 obscene men like you! If you want to pursue our captain, go look in the mirror first!” the other girl who had her long black hair into a ponytail also added.

“I can’t do that. I’m afraid that you guys will try to run away after I tell you our names,” the thin and tall young man winked at the two girls.

“Who do you think you are? Our captain couldn’t run from anyone!……” the cute girl with short red hair said with disdain. However, she wasn’t dumb, and she understood something in the next moment. As she pulled the sleeve of her peer, she gave the latter a warning glare and pulled out her sword.

“Tell me! Who are you guys!” she said viciously.

“Alright, Lisa, let the three honorable guests in.” At this moment, a crisp yet soft voice sounded from the backyard. Then, a beautiful woman who was wearing a black mage robe and had a colorful parrot-like demon beast on her shoulder walked out.

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  1. I feel like this female mercenary will join fei side later

  2. SaDDisT

    I have a great feeling thia chick is Undead Mage. (Secretly)

    • OG

      Perhaps an old friend of Hazel? I know he has to have seen what’s been going on

  3. Earl

    I guess its a bad day to read. Mr. Cliff did put a deadly trap on the chapters which is called “No Chapters Ahead”.

    Thanks for the chapters ^_^

  4. hikikomori hachiman

    That’s…..that’s… that’s gender-discrimination !!!

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