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Hail the King Chapter 653.1

Chapter 653: Never Go Easy on Beautiful Woman (Part One)

“Captain Laura, they……” The girl with the short, red hair tried to explain.

“Hehehe, girl, they are masters under the King of Chambord’s command. How can you stop them? Move away quickly, or these misters might punish you……” This beautiful mage slowly walked up and brought a gust of fragrance with her. She frowned a little and asked, “You three are?”

“Philip Inzagi, the first disciple of King Alexander. We are here to ask Captain Laura about the [Dragon Hunt Operation].” The handsome young warrior who was standing between the other two stared into the beautiful mage’s eyes as he said slowly with a calm temperament.

Just as expected, as soon as she heard the term [Dragon Hunt Operation], Laura’s pupils instantly contracted.

“Mr. Philip, what are you talking about? I don’t know anything about [Dragon Hunt Operation]. Eh, are there still dragons on this continent? Didn’t they go extinct a long time ago?” Laura quickly calmed down, and she replied with a bright smile on her face. As she did that, she played with her silver hair, and her eyes glared.

Inzagi frowned. “Captain Laura, I know that you are quite good at lightning-elemental magic spells, and your technique, [Nebula Chain Lightning], is rumored to be invincible under Seven-Star. However, I would advise you not to trust your strength too much and try to buy time for the reinforcement of the [Fire Blood Mercenary Group], unless…… you want the entire [Fire Blood Mercenary Group] to die alongside you right now!”

The smile on Laura’s beautiful face froze for a second, and her slender and smooth fingers that were playing with her hair also stopped moving.

The two young female mercenaries who acted vicious a moment ago all understood what was happening even though they seemed a bit slow in the head. The short red-haired girl and the black-ponytailed girl looked at each other and slowly moved toward the backyard, trying to notify others and let them get ready.

However, two figures suddenly appeared behind them.

“Little girl, you aren’t obedient.” The thin and tall young man smiled again and showed his white teeth that would make people jealous, and he introduced himself friendly, “Nice to meet you. My name is Ed Kawani, and you can just call me Kawani. I’m one of the [Four Spikes] under the King of Chambord’s command, [Smiling Spike].”

The other young man who was also thin and tall but looked serious spat out a few words as well, “[Silent Spike], David Tray.”

The two girls looked at each other with cautiousness in their eyes. They snorted lightly and didn’t say anything.

Tink! Tink!

With serious and cold expressions, they pulled out the rapiers by their waists and pointed them forward with silver warrior energy flames around them.

They weren’t weak; they were at least Two-Star Warriors.

However, since they were stunned by Kawani and Tray’s speeds, they didn’t dare to make a move first.

“I heard from a while ago that the King of Chambord is a genius warrior himself, and he has many talented subordinates. I didn’t believe it at first, but now I know that the rumor isn’t exaggerating at all. In fact, it even understated the power of Chambord a little.” The beautiful black-robed female mage who was silent for a while suddenly smiled, and she relaxed as well.

With a less serious tone, she said to the three young men, “Don’t tease the girls. If you want to know about the [Dragon Hunt Operation], I will go with you guys and explain everything.”

“Captain Laura, no, you can’t go! You……” The short red-haired girl got anxious and tried to stop Laura.

“Let us fight with these bad people! If we hold them until the Group Leader gets here, they will be beaten!” the black-ponytailed girl shouted heroically.

Female Mage Laura lightly shook her head.\

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  1. “They weren’t weak; they were at least Two-Star Warriors.”

    maybe anywhere else they weren’t..but THIS IS CHAMBOOORRDD!!!!

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