Chapter 653: Never Go Easy on Beautiful Woman (Part Two)

She didn’t expect that the King of Chambord’s people would get here so quick, and they are daring enough to directly come at the [Fire Blood Mercenary Group], the no.2 mercenary group in the region of 500,000 kilometers around Zenit.

“The Chambordians are faster and more upfront than I expected……” Laura thought.

Regarding resisting and fighting back…… She thought about that as well.

Unfortunately, when she played with her hair a few seconds ago and tried to activate a magic item that was made into a hairpin, this young man whose name was Philip Inzagi instantly discovered it and warned her.

This surprised Laura, and she thought, “This young man is too powerful! His god-tier weapon-like aura locked me down from the beginning, and he closely monitors any of my movements. As soon as I do something strange, his murderous spirit would instantly envelop me……”

It was too dangerous for a mage to have an agile assassin within three meters of him or her.

Laura underestimated her opponents this time.

Even though she was very experienced, she didn’t discover that these three young men with no warrior energy fluctuations on them were actually powerful masters.

“They are much more dangerous than I anticipated…… [Four Spikes] under the King of Chambord’s command? Spikes of assassins? They have insane stealth techniques, and they were able to hide their energy fluctuations and fool me……” Laura thought.

“I’m afraid that I can’t allow that, Captain Laura. Out of the 35 people in the yard, except for the three grooms who don’t know anything, all of you need to come with me. Don’t try to resist; this yard had been closely monitored, and none of you can defeat me unless your group leader is here,” Inzagi said mercilessly; he would never go easy because his opponent was a beautiful woman.

He was willing to take out and exterminate anyone who was trying to scheme against King Alexander.


The members of this team that belonged to the [Fire Blood Mercenary Group] had no choice.

The few people who tried to resist and escape were all captured, and everyone got their warrior energies and magic energies locked down.

The beautiful Laura was more focused on. Locks that could suppress magic energies were placed on her wrists, ankles, and neck, and she was asked to get on a big carriage with her team members before it was sealed up.

Then, the carriage moved forward quickly for about 40 minutes.

When the door of the carriage reopened, the mercenaries of the [Fire Blood Mercenary Group] got off the carriage and were surprised to find themselves in somewhere dark.

The faint silver lights coming from the walls, the chilly air, and the dripping water sound all told them that they were in a magical underground tunnel.

“Let’s go!”

Inzagi led the way with no emotion showing on his face, and he walked toward the depth of this tunnel.

The dark surroundings, the gloomy sensations, the terrifying silence, the powerless feelings, and the possible horror that was about to come…… All of these made the mercenaries fell unease since they didn’t know what was about to happen.

The short red-haired girl and the black-ponytailed girl pressed their bodies against Laura as they shivered.

Soon, they saw lights at the end of the tunnel.

Then, terrifying screams resonated in the area, and it sounded like the cries of an injured beast. It seemed like a poor soul was being interrogated, and the bloody smell permeated the air.

They walked out of the tunnel and was in a big underground hall.

There was a dark-red magic light in the ceiling, turning this space bright red. It felt like there was blood everywhere, giving chills to the mercenaries.

There were all kinds of strange and blood-stained interrogation instruments placed around the hall in an organized manner, and the smell of blood was even more intense here.

When Laura’s eyes landed on the person who was being interrogated in the center of the hall, her pupils suddenly contracted, and she was slightly shocked.

Then, she calmed down as if she thought everything through.

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