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Hail the King Chapter 654.1

Chapter 654: Pull Them All (Part One)

The man who was being interrogated was Captain Balio, the leader of one of the ten elite teams of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] and the person who met up with Laura at the restaurant this morning.

“He was already captured by the masters of Chambord!” Laura thought. After the initial surprise, this beautiful mage realized that since she and her subordinates were captured here, the elite team of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] must have been arrested as well.

“Now all of this makes sense. Our locations and the information about the [Dragon Hunt Operation] are all leaked by these mercenaries of Wind Horse. They couldn’t endure the interrogation, and they gave out all the key information,” she thought.

In the far end of the hall, there was a row of prison cells, and more than a dozen elite mercenaries of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] were locked up there, and their clothes were stained by blood. They were the people who met up with Laura this morning, and they were all arrested with no one escaping successfully.

As a great mage, even though her peak Five-Star magic energy was locked down by the magic locks on her body, her eyes were still sharp. With the help of the red light in the hall, she was able to see the vague and flashing magic runes that were engraved on the stone walls.

Under the empowerment of the magic runes, even regular mud walls could become tougher than steel and incredibly difficult to destroy.

What surprised this beautiful mage even more was that even though she mastered all kinds of magic runes, she couldn’t understand the runes that were engraved on the walls nor could she comprehend the magic pathing theories behind all this. She felt like these runes were similar to the legendary magic runes from the Mythical Era where it felt like each rune had a life of its own. All the runes were expanding and contracting in a unique pattern as if they were breathing. As it moved, the ancient magic energy sensation would appear and disappear as a result.

“The Chambordians are too powerful and too resourceful! How? This prison is so tough that probably a Moon-Class Elite couldn’t even break it!” Laura was shocked by her discovery.

Behind her, all the mercenaries of the [Fire Blood Mercenary Group] were shivering with pale faces.

There were all kinds of strange interrogation instruments around, and they made these newcomers feel desperate in silence.

Each of the instruments had blood on it, and they made the mercenaries understand the feeling of being interrogated by just looking at them; they knew that it would be worse than death.

In addition, this place was lit with the bloody-red light, making it feel like the mythical hell.

Before the interrogation started, some people out of the 32 Fire Blood mercenaries were also terrified, and their teeth clenched repeatedly as they shivered, creating a series of noises.

You couldn’t really call them cowards. Even the heroic warriors and tough masters in battle might not be able to resist against lethal interrogation methods.

In the middle of the hall, except for Balio who had the cross scar on his face, there were a few other mercenaries of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] who were being interrogated as well. They were stained by blood, and they defecated uncontrollably as they screamed in pain.

The mercenaries of the [Fire Blood Mercenary Group] saw a tough man, who didn’t look scared at all before the interrogation, collapsing after being placed on an instrument that didn’t look scary for less than a minute. As he cried and begged, he told the Chambordians about everything he knew……

This was too terrifying!

The short red-haired girl and the black ponytailed girl were so scared that their cute faces changed color, and they almost cried. They had never seen such cruel scenes before, and they held onto Laura’s arms tightly, looking like little chickens that were under the protection of the hen.

As the red light flashed, the bloodiness permeated into the surroundings.

This chill and gloomy place was under Chambord’s prison that was known to people. [Little Black Room] was the prison that most people know about, and this was [Hell], the real gruesome prison of Chambord.

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