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Hail the King Chapter 654.2

Chapter 654: Pull Them All (Part Two)

“If Captain Laura is willing to tell us what we want to know without holding anything back, you guys could probably escape the tests put up by these scary instruments,” Inzagi said calmly as he looked at this beautiful silver-haired mage, “To be honest, I don’t really want to put someone as beautiful as you through this terrifying process. These instruments are all designed by the head of Chambord’s Justice Department, Mr. Oleg, and even peak Full-Moon Elites couldn’t last under them. I advise you not to do anything strange!”

What he said instantly made these Fire Blood mercenaries pale even more.

“Ah! Stop! Stop it! I will tell! I will tell you! Stop torturing me! Let me die! Let me die without pain!” A series of screams suddenly sounded, and it instantly shocked the Fire Blood mercenaries who were in silence, making them almost experiencing a mental collapse.

The person who just screamed out in pain was Balio, who was known as a tough guy in the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group]. It was heard that he was arrested by the Marse Empire in secrecy once, and he was put through inhumane tortures. However, despite all that, he didn’t break and spill any secrets.

In the end, the group leader of Wind Horse, [War Pirate] Mellberg, went to the Marse Empire personally and forced them to release Balio.

When Balio got out, there wasn’t an inch of intact skin on his body except for his head, and the cross scar on his face was also from that incident.

However, a tough man like him collapsed under the interrogation of Chambord, and he was willing to say everything as long as he could be killed painlessly. This just went to show how terrifying these instruments were.

As she felt the shivering hands of the two girls around her and heard the teeth-colliding noises from her team members, Laura sighed and said depressingly, “I will talk.”


“[Dragon Hunt Operation]?”

As Fei sat in the [Godly King Palace] on the central mountain at the Sky Castle, he read the report Oleg gave him and sneered, “How dare two little mercenary groups to say such a thing? It seems like they think our Chambord is a soft piece of dough!”

Right now, Fatty Oleg was already more than two meters tall. The fat on his body didn’t decrease after he reached Moon-Class Realm; instead, he got even fattier.

After hearing Fei’s words, he smiled flattering and said, “Yeah! My honorable king! Please allow me to lead a troop and go to the residences of these two mercenary groups. I’m sure that I could wipe out all of these 20 dragon hunt teams, and I will let them know that Chambord isn’t easy to mess with!”

“Get out!” Fei kicked Oleg in the butt and said, “It seems like you want to fight with people after you advanced into Moon-Class. What? You are still not satisfied after interrogating these people? Remember, don’t start a fight unless the opportunity is right! If you damaged the flowers and decors in the city, do you have to the money to pay the fines? You don’t need to do anything at the moment; just stay alert and wait.”

“Ok, ok, ok. I will remember that.” Even though this flatterer looked sad and bitter, he was happy on the inside.

Every time he was kicked in the butt by the king, he would feel refreshed.

“There are many officials in Chambord, why His Majesty is only so casual with me! This means that His Majesty cares about me and knows my loyalty!” he thought.

“Go and tell Inzagi to make his moves; we have to gift them back! Take out all the dragon hunt teams in the city according to the information that this Balio and Laura gave us. Remember, don’t poke those two group leaders just yet; they are more powerful than Inzagi. Other than that, Inzagi and the guys could do whatever they see fit.”

As Fei said that, he threw a sealed scroll to Oleg and added, “The detailed plans are in the scroll, so just give it to Inzagi. You guys do what is appropriate, and you don’t have to come to me to ask for permissions. Before the wedding day, I need to cultivate in seclusion.”

“As you wish, My Lord!” Oleg took the scroll and ran out of the palace.

Fei shook his head powerlessly. This fatty was still a hardcore flatterer and wasn’t too interested in cultivation.

“He probably can’t advance into Sun-Class in the future. However, since he is so loyal, I will help him when I can,” Fei thought.

When he thought back to the [Dragon Hunt Operation], his expression turned cold.

“These ghosts and clowns all jumped out at the same time! Great! This time, I will capture you all! None of you can get away!”

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