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Hail the King Chapter 655.1

Chapter 655: All Kinds of Reactions (Part One)

Fei’s order meant that the sickle of the Grim Reaper was starting to claim lives.

The troops of Chambord didn’t move. From the beginning to end, only Inzagi and the [Four Spikes] moved.

After the sunset of that day, these five silent assassins started to take away their enemies’ lives one by one in the darkness.

Didn’t matter if it was Balio who had the cross scar on his face or the silver-haired beautiful mage Laura, they all told Inzagi about the hiding spots of the elite dragon hunt teams from their mercenary groups in the [Hell]. Their confessions were almost 100% accurate, saving Chambord a lot of time.

Also, Inzagi and the [Four Spikes] were very careful during the day, so the other dragon hunt teams didn’t notice anything strange and weren’t able to react to the changes in time.

In the night, Inzagi and the [Four Spikes] became the envoys of darkness and visited each and every hiding spot at Chambord City.

These mercenaries whose jobs were to start killing and robbing the citizens of Chambord at the critical moment to distract Chambord’s attention were no match for professional assassins.

Without having the ability to fight back, they were all pulled out.

-Inside a simple courtyard at Chambord City-

A mercenary of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] who was carefully patrolling around suddenly froze. Before he could shout out a warning, he felt a coldness in his neck and lost the ability to make a sound. Then, as if all the energy in his body was sucked away, he collapsed onto the ground powerlessly.

In the next moment, the noises made by wind intensified. Merciless and silent killings occurred in this quiet courtyard.

A series of hoarse and unwilling low whispers sounded, and then the wind whistled and covered the sound made by bodies falling to the ground.

In the darkness, the five black figures dashed around like phantoms and were as fast as lightning. Every time they moved, a mercenary of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] would bleed and fall to the ground.

During this entire murderous process, no one discovered that their peers around them died before them.

They all discovered the vicious grin of the Grim Reaper in their sleep and at their surprise.

In less than five minutes, the 20 experienced and skilled mercenaries of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] who were hiding in this place were wiped out.

When the last mercenary fell to the ground, a huge carriage arrived at the gate of this courtyard quietly. A few burly but agile men jumped off the carriage and moved all the corpses onto the carriage smoothly. Then, they cleaned all the traces in the yard and disappeared in the dark alleyway with the carriage as if it was all a part of a hallucination.

This same scene happened at different places at Chambord in the night.

The darkness covered up the merciless killings, and the people who were in a deep sleep didn’t notice anything.


The second day, one day away from the King of Chambord’s wedding.

When the sun raised from the peak of the east mountain of Chambord, the sunlight shined upon this ancient city once again. It was a new day for the people in this city.

Finally, some people noticed the killings that took place.

Inside a well-hidden courtyard, there should be 20 mercenaries situated here, but it was empty at the moment. In the middle of the courtyard, there stood four mid-aged men who looked concerned.

“Isaac, my most loyal partner, what did you discover?” The person who just spoke was muscular, and his facial features were sharp. Even though he had messy short brown hair, the edges of his hair were yellow. He was wearing a silver chain armor, a pair of leather shorts that revealed his lower legs, and a pair of leather battle boots that exposed his toes. He was about 45 years of age, and he looked energetic like a lion that was at its peak.

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