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Hail the King Chapter 655.2

Chapter 655: All Kinds of Reactions (Part Two)

He was Mellberg who had the nickname of [War Pirate]. He was the Group Leader of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group].

The man whose name was Isaac was a thin and tall mage who was in his forties as well. He looked perseverant, and he was wearing a rough magic robe.

As two dashes of terrifying silver light shot out of his eyes, he glanced around the courtyard and sniffed.

It looked like he was in a mystic state, and his soul was somewhere else. He answered firmly, “Blood…… Murder…… I see terrifying killing. The enemies who are in the dark waved their daggers and charged in, killing all the kids……”

“Who did it?” For some reason, this [War Pirate] who was known to be overprotective in the region didn’t get angry. As he thought about something, he lightly asked, “How powerful are the opponents?”

Isaac who was still in the mystic state answered slowly, “Assassins…… Terrifying assassins. Their auras are still in the city, and they are under the King of Chambord’s command. It seems like they discovered something…… I can’t see more. Among the people who killed the kids, the most powerful one is a Nine-Star Assassin, and he has insane assassination skills. Huh? I can’t trace him……”

“King of Chambord!” Mellberg looked at the Five Sword Sky Mountain that was protected by the 12 Golden Saint Mountains in afar and smiled.

“He sure is a clever kid; he finally discovered the strangeness? He sure is powerful. He is able to pull out all the teams of elites that I chose myself in a night. No wonder those people are concerned about him. Hehehe, unfortunately, he is still too weak, and this little dragon that hasn’t matured yet is going to be slayed. There are too many powerful masters involved in this operation, and even that force is in. Hahaha, we will just record this massacre on the book for now, and we will clear it on the night of the wedding. Let’s go! Tell the masters in other areas not to move.”

After he said that, energy flames flashed, and all four disappeared.

They were all Moon-Class Elites.


At the same time, in the big hotel that the [Fire Blood Mercenary Group] rented as their temporary headquarters.

By the window on the fourth floor, which was the highest floor, there stood a figure who was wearing a delicate gold mask and a large fancy robe; it was hard to tell whether this person was a male or a female.

At the moment, the hands were behind the back of this person, and this person was looking at the crowded street outside this building. All kinds celebratory decorations were hung on the streets and the buildings, and it was clear that the citizens of Chambord were enjoying this atmosphere.

“Did you guys find cues? Where did Laura and others go?” This person asked lightly after a while.

“It is hard to figure it out. From the information we have, we are sure it is the King of Chambord who did this. Laura and others must have been discovered, and we aren’t sure if they are still alive or not.”

Behind this person with the gold mask were three muscular and tough men who looked almost identical to each other. Their thick black hair was tied in braids that reached their waists, and they only wore cross belts on their upper body, each carrying a huge ax on his back. They wore leather shorts and leather battle boots, showing their thick hairy legs.

The person who answered was one of them.

“Oh? Laura is a peak Five-Star Mage. Although she isn’t the most powerful, she is smart, careful, and has many magic items on her. When she was in danger, she couldn’t even use any of the items of alert us. You guys only discovered that something is wrong when our ten hiding spots were pulled out. It is clear that the person who captured Laura is powerful, far beyond her level. If it weren’t the King of Chambord himself, it would be a master who is at least close to Moon-Class.”

The person with the gold mask slowly analyzed. From the tiny pieces of information, the analysis wasn’t far off the truth.

“What should we do next?” The muscular man who answered this person’s question asked.

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