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Hail the King Chapter 656.1

Chapter 656: For A Woman (Part One)

“Wait. We will wait for other forces’ final decision. The current loss is nothing for our [Fire Blood Mercenary Group].” The person with the gold mask said coldly as if those mercenaries who died last night were worthless.

“Then, Laura……” This burly man was lightly stunned. After all, that silver-haired female mage was the daughter of the Group Leader of the [Fire Blood Mercenary Group].

“Don’t worry about her; she will be fine.” As soon as that was said, a golden light flashed in the room, and that person with the gold mask disappeared; it felt like this person was never here. From this alone, one could tell that this person was an experienced Moon-Class Elite.


Inside the church at the Chambord City.

In the secret room in the basement, a series of silver lights glared irregularly, giving this concealed space an indescribable holiness and pureness.

Several layers of magic arrays protected this room, and not a single bit of aura and sensation could be leaked. Even god-tier magic items such as [Earthly See – Heavenly Hear] couldn’t break the protection of these powerful magic arrays and obtain information.

In the middle of the room, there was a piece of stone that looked like a little altar, and a black wooden stick that was about a meter long stood on it; it seemed like an ordinary burned stick that was used to stir fire.

As all kinds of colorful lights appeared, all sorts of masters showed up in this secret room one after another.

All the masters who arrived hid their faces. Some of them used magical masks, some used big cloaks, and some used the laws of nature to bend lights and blur others’ visions…… They were all Moon-Class Elites, and their powerful auras packing together made the air in the room dense, and it was a little suffocating.

“Can we start now?” A figure who was enveloped by a black cloak asked impatiently.

“We need to wait for a bit longer. A few others aren’t here yet.” A master of the Holy Church who was wearing a church-style robe shook his head.

“Humph!” A few displeased snorts sounded at the same time.

There were more than a dozen people in here right now, and they were all powerful and influential figures in the area. They either had impressive power, commanded over millions of soldiers, or controlled over a large region of land. They were all overbearing figures and were very conceited. They couldn’t stand waiting for other people since it was usually the other way around.

Therefore, even though they only showed up for less than ten minutes, they were extremely impatient already.

If this alliance weren’t secretly arranged by the two super powerful forces within the region of 500,000 kilometers around Zenit, they would have left already. After all, there weren’t even any seats for them, and they had to stand.

A few minutes later, a few more energy flames flashed by, and four to five people appeared in the secret room.

One of them was the Group Leader of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group], Mellberg. Unlike other people who hid their faces, this mad lion who was ruthless and had a strange temper showed his real face. After he looked around, a disdainful expression appeared on his face, and he snorted coldly.

Then, a dash of golden light flashed by, and a person with a gold mask and fancy robe appeared.

“Hehehe, I didn’t expect to see you here. Hahaha! A coward who doesn’t dare to face other masters showed up here? Aren’t you scared that I’m going to chop you in half?”

After seeing this man with the gold mask, Mellberg sneered and said with hostility, instantly intensifying the atmosphere in the room.

This scene was expected, so no one was surprised.

The [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] and the [Fire Blood Mercenary Group] were the two most powerful mercenary groups in the region, and there was steep competition between them. For the last dozens of years, they battled with each other frequently, and the blood that dripped from their direct and secret fights could form rivers and lakes. They saw each other as mortal enemies, and they wanted the other party to disappear as soon as possible.

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