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Hail the King Chapter 656.2

Chapter 656: For A Woman (Part Two)

Therefore, as soon as [War Pirate] Mellberg and this person with the gold mask saw each other, they got combative.

However, faced with the provocation of the [War Pirate], the person with the gold mask didn’t respond, acting like a piece of hard ice.

Mellberg knew he couldn’t really attack this man right here right now, so he just sneered and gave a lot of pressure.

“Ok, since we are all here, let’s get it started. First of all, I’m honored that you all can be here.”

As the atmosphere started to tense up, a strange voice that the people in the room never heard of before suddenly sounded.

Everyone was shocked! Until now, they didn’t notice that there was a person beside the black wooden stick on the stone altar!

A cloud of silver energy enveloped this person.

The people in the room were the most powerful masters in the region. With their forces combined, they could instantly conquer numerous empires and change the power dynamics of a part of the continent. They could break the land, shatter the sky, and change the weather…… Almost no one could run and hide from these people……

However, none of them noticed that there was this person in the room; they didn’t know how he got here, and they didn’t know when he got here.

“Such terrifying power!” everyone thought to themselves.

They all suddenly thought to a name, and they shivered a little uncontrollably. Even the lion-like Mellberg put away his arrogance and quieted down.

“I will keep it short. We are all here for one reason, and it is to exterminate the King of Chambord before he grows into a cold-blooded, murderous butcher. We need to take him out before he matures, and it is the only way for us to make sure that the power dynamic in the area doesn’t change, the second Yassin won’t appear, and endless wars and bloody scenes won’t happen. Therefore, we have to do this; it is for the peace of the continent!” This person who was enveloped by the silver energy said slowly.

He didn’t exert any force or energy when he was speaking, but his monotone speech made people wanting to kneel and worship him out of respect and fear.

“Of course, according to our information, there are a lot of treasures in Chambord City. One month ago, the King of Chambord entered the core region of the Mythical Palace, and he got many natural treasures and herbs. In addition, there is the accumulated wealth of Chambord such as its magic civilization. If we can kill the King of Chambord, the treasures will be distributed according to the contribution of each party. I can promise that our force wouldn’t take any of the treasures!”

This mysterious person’s voice sounded in everyone ears.

“Mister, your party wants to conquer the Chambord Kingdom and kill the King of Chambord, but you are not interested in the wealth? What are you after exactly?” [War Pirate] Mellberg was blunt, and he asked the question on his mind without fear.

All other masters looked at the mysterious person.

It was clear to all of them that this mysterious person wasn’t here just for fun.

“Since you all want to know, I won’t keep it a secret. I only want one thing from Chambord; a person, a woman,” this mysterious person stated in his monotone voice.

“A woman?” Everyone was surprised.

For masters like them, they could get their hands on all kinds of beautiful women. To the powerful male masters, women were only there to add spice to their long cultivation lives. To create a scheme that was as complex and far-reaching as this one just for a woman? It was unthinkable to them.

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  1. Amukan

    Hopefully he doesnt succeed in touching Fei’s women. If either got successfully kidnapped then im done =_=

  2. SaDDisT

    Damn, they are targeting Angela.

  3. Abdullah Zahid

    Damn no you aint takin any thing boy

  4. it’s pathetic how they can gather without the MC knowing anything. seriously even if he can’t detect them a giant void in his area sense should be the equivalent of a flashing exclamation mark or warning sign. this whole situation is the MC being a giant moron by inviting enemies amongst his people before he can protect them. sorry if I sound harsh but almost every story I am reading at the moment has the MC dropping 100 IQ points lately and it really makes me wonder why I bother reading. this one is a clear example as he should not have the wedding until barbarian is sun rank and all the other classes are moon rank with all 12 saints chosen. there is no reason to rush into given the enemy a way to bypass your walls especially when you need all the help you can get since everyone is your enemy.

  5. Divine_Emperor

    You stupid b**** you aint takin anything.

  6. Gibz

    Wedding or not, they will still plan out something and target Alexander.
    I dont think Alexander is ignorant over this fact… i think he knows exactly what he is up against… i clearly see this as another coronation de ja vu where he will totally own these guys…
    He hid his newly formed new moon guys and god knows what else he is scheming… author is not nice enough to give us some foreshadowing (i.e the death potion in his coronation – gotta admit lots of you got sad to see those guys die but then got excited when they woke up)…
    It is somewhat predictable and at the same time not… dont forget dragon and a dragon-dog + sun class mage and the whole black cloth shrine (for sure they have plenty of moon class veterans)

  7. Deathmorphe

    Personally I think you are wrong about him not knowing anything. He is clearly preparing for the turmoil ahead and has been mentioning ”the brewing storm” for some time already. What we’re reading is just the prelude to it. If anything, he will probably succeed in Nightmare mode so that only the challenge of nature awaits so that he can go through it in a manner similar to when he faced the Snow mountain hermit earlier in the story. This is basically just him drawing his enemies in so that he can down them in one fell swoop; keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

  8. it literrally said that even god tier items couldn’t discover it, until the person reaches a good level in sun tier I doubt they will be able to find it

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