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Hail the King Chapter 657.1

Chapter 657: So-called Hero (Part One)

However, that mysterious person didn’t want to explain it any further and closed his mouth, and others weren’t in a position to pursue that question.

Sometimes, a ridiculous reason was the most proper explanation.

On the second thought, with this mysterious person’s status and power, he no longer needed the wealth and natural treasures. Therefore, it made sense why he didn’t want anything within reason.

“But…… Who is this woman? She is able to attract this mysterious person, and he is willing to do so much to get her……” All the masters in the room couldn’t help but wonder about the identity of this woman whom this mysterious person was after.

Even though this mysterious person was enveloped by this silver energy, a dash of invisible light was stilling cast through it. As if a god was observing them, the masters in the room all lowered their heads subconsciously. This mysterious person completely controlled the atmosphere of the room, and he nodded and started to go into the details of the operation after seeing that no one objected.


-Diablo World-

Fei and Elena stood at the third level of [Worldstone Keep] and in front of the entrance to the [Throne of Destruction].

Bright red lights shined through the entrance and made it look like a pool of blood, bring chills to the people who saw it. Through this entrance, they could enter the [Throne of Destruction] where Baal was hiding.

In the [Throne of Destruction], Fei and Elena had to face all the monsters that were in Nightmare Mode. Since Baal was going to laugh and summon all these monsters that were all mini-bosses in their respective maps, Fei and Elena had to kill them first.

It was going to be a fierce battle.

Fei looked at Elena and told her to be careful, and then he walked into the entrance first.

As soon as he stepped his feet into the [Throne of Destruction], an indescribable stinky smell of blood rushed at Fei’s face, making him dizzy and sick.

Then, that evil red light shined on his body, lightly suppressing and weakening his power.

It turned out that the [Throne of Destruction] was numerous times more powerful in Nightmare Mode compared with Normal Mode, and it was almost close to a level of god’s realm.

The so-called [Throne of Destruction] was a bloody maze that wasn’t too big.

Monsters like [Blood Lord] that were as big as small hills and [Frozen Horror] that were shiny and powerful all attacked Fei as soon as he appeared.

There were monsters everywhere, and they were all insanely powerful.

The bloody battle began.

It was a tough battle, and it took Fei and Elena over an hour to clear the monsters in this area.

Then, they arrived at the back of this bloody maze, and the portal that connected to the last place in this world, [Worldstone Chamber], could be seen.

However, Baal was standing on the stone stairs that led to the portal. As it started to laugh crazily, it summoned numerous monsters to attack the two.

It was another lengthy and bloody process.

After more than two hours, Fei and Elena finally cleared the monsters.

It meant that they killed all the powerful monsters in this Nightmare Mode all over again. Even though it was scary, they weren’t in a lot of danger.

Although it was time-consuming, Fei and Elena got a lot of rewards.

During this process, the Valkyrie already became a level 96 magic archer, and her paladin bloodline increased to level 78. It was a huge jump! She was already a peak Full Moon Elite if she was in the real world right now.

Fei’s barbarian character received a ton of experience points as well.

He could clearly sense the inflow of energy into his body; he felt like a river of energy was stuffing him. Even though he was getting more and more powerful, his level didn’t break 99 and reach 100. It seemed like it was similar to Normal Mode. Only after he killed Baal in Nightmare Mode could he level up and enter Hell Mode.

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