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Hail the King Chapter 657.2

Chapter 657: So-called Hero (Part Two)

Baal vanished into the portal after Fei killed all the demons that it summoned.

However, Fei didn’t follow it into the [Worldstone Chamber]. Instead, he used a [Town Portal Scroll] and went back to [Harrogath].

After getting their items repaired and their potions stocked up, they went back to the [Throne of Destruction] through the portal and entered the [Worldstone Chamber] through the portal in that maze. It was the final place in Nightmare Mode!

Baal who looked like an octopus was more than 100 meters tall, and bloody-red demonic energy enveloped it. Its powerful aura pressed down at Fei and Elena like a tsunami.

Baal was standing in the center of the [Worldstone Chamber], and several stone pathways and corridors led to the end of the world. Beside the pathways and corridors were endless space, and one could see the stars, the nebulae, and the cosmos from here.

This was the world that belonged to demons and gods; the mortal world couldn’t be compared to it!

“Hahahaha! Adventurer! I have been waiting for you! Do you really think that you could defeat me? My power is awakening, and the glory of hell is about to arrive! Don’t get happy so soon! Ants! This isn’t the final battle! The ending is far from here, hahaha!

Baal’s crazy laughter sounded by Fei’s ears like thunder, and Fei heard a little emotion in its voice. In fact, Baal sounded a little cunning.

Fei frowned; the situation was a little different from his anticipation.

This Baal in front of him had a holy and godly aura around it, and it wasn’t the type of power that could be obtained by mortals. It was numerous times more powerful than the Baal in Normal Mode, and it felt like Baal went from a monster to a god. Just the pressure Baal was emitting alone made Fei suffocate a little.

What made Fei worry was that this Baal seemed to have some intelligence. Unlike an NPC, it was far more powerful, and Fei knew that it was going to be a tough battle.

Everything was different from the computer game, and Fei had to prepare for unexpected changes.


Time quickly passed by, and the second day arrived.

It was the day of the King of Chambord’s wedding, and Chambord City was in an unprecedentedly festive atmosphere; all the citizens were happy.

Before the morning sun even climbed up the sky, Fei went up the peak of the east mountain with a few members of the royal family, a few high-ranking officials, and his two beautiful fiancées according to Chambord’s tradition.

As the first dash of golden sunlight shined on the peak, they paid respect to the former kings and the real God of War that people worshiped in the kingdom. Then, they remembered the soldiers who died for the kingdom in the last 30 years and visited their graveyard.

This was a private ceremony, so the outsiders such as envoys from other kingdoms and empires weren’t invited.

This ceremony was simple, and it was finished in less than an hour.

As Fei stood on the edge of the peak of east mountain, the wind fluttered his hair and robe, making him look handsome and heroic. As he looked down at the beautiful City of Chambord, Angela who was wearing a white dress to his left and Elena who was wearing a set of red and leisure leather armor to his right stole the spotlight of nature.

The beauties were by his sides, and the kingdom was within his grasp. This was what a hero wants!

Today, Chambord would be in a grand celebration, and all the troublemakers and clowns were going to make their moves.

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