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Hail the King Chapter 658.1

Chapter 658: Advancing into Sun-Class (Part One)

As he held onto Angela and Elena’s little hands, a rare peaceful smile appeared on Fei’s face.

He sensed the soft and smooth feel quietly, and it was alluring yet pure, making it hard to describe.

The king whose heart was filled with murderous spirit was unprecedentedly calm, and he also felt heroic and domineering. As he stared at the territory of the kingdom, he felt like laughing proudly.

The morning wind was gentle like a lover’s hand, and it lightly played with people’s hair. Beside Fei, Angela’s black hair and Elena’s red hair fluttered, and Fei smelled the fragrance.

The two girls stood by Fei peacefully, and they let this man beside them who was a little assertive to grab their hands.

Angela blushed a little, but she also felt like it was very sweet. It was an indescribable and satisfying feeling.

Beside her, Elena felt that sweetness in the real world for the first time. That warmth penetrated her heart and entered her soul, giving her a sense of wonder that she only experienced before with bows in her hands.

As the strands of golden sunlight shined onto the three people, they looked like they were meant to be.

At the moment, the saint seiyas, the bylaw enforcement officers, and the officials stared at the three of them and felt intoxicated. All of them felt like in this world, there weren’t going to be people more perfect than the three of them together; they stole the spotlight from nature.

In just a few moments, the sun climbed from the peak of the east mountain to the sky.

The golden sunlight directly shined onto the land, dyeing the world into a golden color. The beauty of nature intoxicated the people, making them want to protect it at all cost.

“Such beautiful scenery!” Fei sighed and suddenly thought of something. He sniffed a little and said, “Eh, the weather sure is chilly. Angela, be careful and don’t get a cold. You and Elena should go back and prepare first.”

A bit of redness appeared on Angela’s white, jade-like skin, and she nodded cutely.

She turned around and held onto the Valkyrie’s hand, and they smiled at each other.

Then, under the protection of warriors such as Cygnus Saint Ed Hazard, they went back to their magic carriage and went down the steep mountain.

Fei stood at the peak of the east mountain facing the cliff, and it felt like he was thinking about something. For a long time, he didn’t move or say a word.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

Lights shined out of his eyes, and he looked at the location a few thousand meters away in the sky.

In the next moment, a series of minuscule ripples appeared there as if the surface of the river that got moved by the wind.

However, it soon disappeared as if nothing ever happened.

“Humph!” Fei sneered and didn’t say anything. His body shivered, and he directly disappeared from the peak of the east mountain like a phantom.

At the same time, a figure who was dressed in a tight armor appeared more than ten kilometers away.

He looked a bit messy, and his eyes were the only things that were exposed on his body. He was short like a midget, but his hands were bigger than ordinary people. He was wearing iron claws on both hands, and dashes of silver energies flowed around in his palms, looking very chilly and scary.

Right now, he looked a little concerned as he looked back at the peak of the east mountain.

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