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Hail the King Chapter 658.2

Chapter 658: Advancing into Sun-Class (Part Two)

“This is strange…… That stare sure is terrifying…… I’m scared? How? Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Could it be that I’m discovered? Impossible! My [Heart of Space] technique has never failed me, and I have never been discovered by a Moon-Class Elite. It must be a hallucination…… Hehehe, since my job is to take the money and kill targets, I will let you know what I’m capable of tonight, King of Chambord! I will let you know how terrifying the [Dark Shadow Tentacle] assassin really is. Hehehe, I couldn’t wait! I can bring the skull of a powerful king back to the organization to decorate the [Dark Shadow Palace]!”

As he murmured in surprise and anger, this short midget shattered like a busted bubble and disappeared.


The time passed by.

When it was noon, all kinds of celebratory events were already happening.

The Chambordians walked onto the streets and started all kinds of performances. They wore the fanciest clothes they had, had fresh flowers in their hands, and poured cleaned water onto the streets.  The fragrance of the tree leaves permeated the air.

It was clear that the city strengthened its protection forces; the bylaw enforcement officers and the saint seiyas were patrolling almost every street.

According to the pre-released schedule of the royal family, the formal wedding ceremony was going to take place on the biggest square in the city after the night arrived, and the first streak of starlight shined on the continent.

By then, almost all the citizens in the city would participate. The king would ride on his horse and go to Minister Bast’s mansion first to pick up his two fiancées with his guards, and they would march toward Tiananmen Square to begin the celebration.

Everyone was looking forward to the nightfall.

The square was also divided into regions for all the guests, and all the envoys who came to Chambord got invitations. People who had invitations were pre-arranged seats, and no one was left behind. Even the Group Leaders of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] and the [Fire Blood Mercenary Group] got invited.

It was now two hours before the sunset, and the main streets in the city were already packed with people.

At this moment, the envoy group from the silent royal family of Zenit finally arrived. It was headed by Second Prince Dominguez, and his supporters, [Demonic Woman] Paris and [Red Beard] Granello, were also in the group. They got on [King Alexander] that was running its last shift of the day and arrived at the city.

This time, the King of Chambord didn’t show up personally. Instead, it was Bast and Brook, who were right below the king in terms of status, who welcomed them.

People’s emotions already reached a peak, and everyone couldn’t wait for the sun to set so that the ceremony could begin.

The king’s guards were already prepared. There were 30 cavaliers who were dressed in fancy silver armors, and they were riding on level 4 roaring flame beasts that activated their bloodline and had dragon-like scales all over their bodies. They formed a square formation and waited for the king to arrive like handsome warrior statues.

Everyone was in the celebratory mood, except for a few people……


“Just like what I expected!”

-Diablo World, Hell Mode, [Blood Moor] outside of [Rogue Encampment]-

A beam of golden light enveloped Fei, and a transformational change was happening in the king’s body right now.

The clouds of golden energies Fei got from the two Ancients, Talic and Korlic, from Nightmare Mode as well as the golden energy he obtained from killing ten [Spike Fiends] in Hell Mode combined. Together, they nurtured, modified, and tempered Fei’s body. Each and every cell in Fei’s body was being elevated.

Slowly, Fei surpassed the realm of peak Full Moon and was marching toward a higher level.

A similar situation took place when Fei leveled up from Normal Mode to Nightmare Mode.

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