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Hail the King Chapter 659.1

Chapter 659: The Time Has Come (Part One)

Ten minutes before the daily gaming time was up for Fei last night, he and Elena finally defeated the super-boss Baal in the [Worldstone Chamber] in Nightmare Mode.

It was a hard and bloody battle.

With some intelligence and combat instinct, Baal was the nightmare opponent to all its enemies.

It was powerful and close to the realm of gods, and it also learned to self-heal during battle. Therefore, before its mana was depleted, it was invincible.

In this exhausting battle, Elena used up all the arrows that she prepared, and she had to use her second bloodline, Paladin, to continue battling and healing Fei.

Fei, on the other hand, used up all the potions that he stored in his storage space. Except for the three items in the [Immortal King] item set, [Immortal King’s Soul Cage – Sacred Armor], [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher – Ogre Maul], and [Immortal King’s Forge – War Gauntlets], all of his other items such as his helmets, rings, and boots were all destroyed during battle. In the end, he was almost battling naked!

Of course, Baal’s death brought Fei a lot of rewards.

First of all, it gave Fei a vast amount of experience points, helping him to break through Nightmare Mode level 99 and giving him the qualification to enter Hell Mode. Also, Elena became a level 98 magic archer, only one level away from being able to join Fei in Hell Mode.

Then, Baal gifted Fei items in the best item sets.

To Fei’s surprise, he got lucky again and received another component of the [Immortal King] item set, [Immortal King’s Pillar – War Boots].

This delicate black metal war boots covered up Fei’s lower legs and feet that weren’t protected by the [Immortal King’s Soul Cage – Sacred Armor] before. His ankles and knees were protected by scale-like armors, and his mobility wasn’t affected.

With the war boots on, Fei didn’t feel their weight at all; instead, he felt as light as a bird! It was clear that the magic properties of this pair of boots were splendid.

[Defense: 388, Durability: 88, 40% Faster when walking or running, +110 to accuracy, +100 to defense, and +44 to life]

Additional properties in the set: [Half freeze duration, +160 defense, +2 to combat skills (Barbarian only), and 25% better chance of getting magic items].

This meant that Fei already collected four of the six components in the [Immortal King] item set. As long as he could get [Immortal King’s Detail – War Belt] and [Immortal King’s Will – Avenger Guard], he would have all the components in the best barbarian item set!

Valkyrie Elena received the [M’avina’s True Sight – Diadem], which was the headpiece in the best amazon item set, [M’avina’s Battle Hymn].

This ornamental headband had a mysterious golden gem in the front, and its style looked simple yet ancient. It offered great powers such as increased healing, increase mana regeneration, and increased attack speed. To Elena right now, these properties were all key to her combat abilities. After getting three items in the set, she received +30 to her dexterity. Since she was already at peak Full Moon, it helped her step closer to Sun-Class. In fact, she was only one bit away from that realm.

To Fei, the most important thing that he got from killing Baal was the Nightmare Mode [Worldstone].

This was the second [Worldstone] that Fei obtained. Even though it was stained by the power of hell as well and was very corrosive, Fei had the experience of purifying the first Normal Mode [Worldstone], so cleansing this piece with the Mythical Altar wasn’t going to be difficult.

This Nightmare Mode [Worldstone] contained a lot more energy compared with the Normal Mode [Worldstone], and it was capable of powering anything, including god-tier magic arrays and god-tier combat weapons. It was truly powerful.

Fei’s instinct told him that the [Worldstones] were going to be something that Chambord was going to rely on the most.

After defeating Baal that night, Fei exited from Diablo World.

Then, he had to pay respect to the former kings, the God of War, and the brave soldiers who died protecting Chambord in the early morning.

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  1. SaDDisT

    What happened to the angel? There will be that right? Im sure that its a very important, base on the scenario last time.

  2. Immortal king set indeed is best item set on diablo world

  3. zurric

    I’ve got a feeling that he’s going to wind up putting hell mode world stones into that axe that the dwarf god skeleton is holding in the “laboratory”
    If that happens, that axe is going to be insane lol

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