Chapter 659: The Time Has Come (Part Two)

While Angela and Elena returned to Minister Bast’s mansion to do the final preparations according to the traditions in this world, Fei returned to Diablo World to continue killing monsters to level up.

He had to become the absolute most powerful as he could be to increase the chance of success during the storm.

Similar to before, he appeared in the entry scene and saw the option, Hell Mode.

Without hesitation, he clicked on it and entered as fast as he could.

Just like Nightmare Mode, the NPCs still didn’t have intelligence. They were merely machines that offered Fei quests and provided him with rewards.

Fei’s level in Nightmare Mode got wiped out completely, but he kept all his power.

Just as expected, the monsters in this mode were many times more powerful than the previous mode. Just a little [Spike Fiend] on the [Blood Moor] was as powerful as a peak Full Moon Elite. The spikes that it shot out from its back even made Fei feel threatened!

This was Hell Mode!

The more powerful the monsters, the more experience points they provided.

After killing ten [Spike Fiend], Fei got enough experience points and leveled up, becoming a Hell Mode level 1 Barbarian.

Under the envelopment of that golden beam of light, Fei’s body transformation took about half an hour. After that process, it felt like he was a bright star in the sky! There was golden light radiating from his body, making him look like the sun in the morning.

“Is this what Sun-Class Lords feel?” Fei frowned.

He sensed an unimaginable amount of energy in his body, and he felt like he could strike down stars with a wave of his hand and tear open the land with a stomp of his feet.

However…… Why couldn’t he sense more laws of nature and condense his own Sun Anomaly?

Fei was confused, but he didn’t stop killing monsters.

After two hours, Fei finally completed the first quest in [Rogue Encampment], [The Den of Evil].

After the last [Fallen Shaman] screamed and fell to the ground, a dash of light fell from the ceiling of the cave, and that cold and mysterious voice, which was absent for a long time, sounded by Fei’s ear.

After a short surprise, a thrilled expression appeared on Fei’s face.


It was the wedding day.

That red setting sun finally fell below the horizon unwillingly, granting the wish of numerous people.

In his sky-blue robe, the handsome King Alexander of Chambord finally showed up and joined the 30 cavaliers who had been waiting for him under the stares of his citizens and guests.

As the loud bugle sounded, the dashing cavaliers jumped onto the level 4 roaring flame beasts and surrounded their supreme king in the middle.

As the cool nightly breeze blew by, they headed toward the direction of Bast’s mansion.

The excited Chambordians who filled the streets clapped and cheered as they watched this group move forward confidently.

Fresh flowers and vibrant olive branches were thrown into the air and landed before the king, forming a path of beauty and fragrance.

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