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Hail the King Chapter 660.1

Chapter 660: Rare Beauties (Part One)

For most of the outsiders, this was their first time seeing this famous King of Chambord, the person who was worshipped and loved by the Chambordians.

At the moment, he was being cheered by many people, and he looked extraordinary!

Even though some of them had malicious intents and disliked the King of Chambord, they had to unwillingly admit that this king was charismatic and magnificent.

Riding on a handsome white horse, the young king was dressed in a sky-blue robe that perfectly showcased his figure. His muscles were defined but not that bulky, and it felt like his Greek God physique contained immeasurable power and energy.

On top of his head, there was a gold olive-branch-style crown, and his long black hair was being tied together by nine golden hairbands and reached his waist.

His handsome and manly face had a smile on it, and he looked like a morning sun that was still on the climb, releasing an impressive glare.

Numerous citizens were cheering for him and feeling crazy over him.

Thunder-like claps resonated in the entire Chambord City, and the passion and love the Chambordians had toward their king erupted like the backed-up lava in an ancient volcano.

As the king proceeded forward on the street, the people in front of him all moved aside to create a path for him, and his loyal guards followed him tightly and got showered by the cheers as well.

At this moment in time, it felt like Fei was the center of the world! It seemed like everyone was watching this young king!

As the Chambordians cheered, the group that was about to pick up the future queens moved out of the former King’s Palace and headed toward Head Minister Bast’s mansion.


-Further away-

“This little guy? He is King Alexander of Chambord? This is disappointing! Humph! He is a little white face who probably still drinks his mom’s milk! He doesn’t look strong, and I can probably kill him with one hand! His Majesty actually ordered us to come to Chambord City to complete this mission? His Majesty overestimated this little king too much!”

There were three burly figures in black cloaks on the roof of a stone palace much further away, and the person who just spoke in disdain was one of them. As he stared at the king who was being cheered by tens of thousands of people, he sneered and showed his sharp, knife-like teeth.

“When a lion fights a rabbit, even it would use all of its force; we shouldn’t be over-confident. After all, the track record in our intelligence report isn’t fake!” Another person among the three shook his head and said, “The King of Chambord is at least a peak Half Moon Elite, and he has a powerful war hammer which is probably a semi-god-tier combat weapon. He shouldn’t be overlooked.”

“Hehe, although that is true, what can he do even if he is a peak Full Moon Elite? The [Dragon Hunt Alliance] is comprised of more than 30 masters from many empires! In addition, there are a few old monster-like masters…… The King of Chambord is dead for sure! I heard that there are several beautiful women around this little king. By then, hehe…… Man, I’m getting excited just thinking about it! I’m going to play with his queens right in front of him! Hahahaha!” The last person who spoke sounded vicious and sick.


“King Alexander of Chambord. You finally showed yourself, huh? You evil dragon. You have to come out of your hidden spot, and it looks like you are doomed! Even the gods are against you!”

In the crowd which was cheering for the King of Chambord, there stood an old man who was white-haired and wearing a white robe.

The veins on his body were sharp, and there were a ton of wrinkles and age spots on him due to his old age. With a black, burned-like wooden stick in his hand, he watched the young king who rode pass him with a smile on his face. However, various emotions were displayed in his eyes.

His eyes were filled with vicissitude and wisdom but also cruelty and greed.

Even though his eyes were a bit cloudy, various emotions such as appreciation, pity, viciousness, and excitement mingled with each other in a complex way.

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