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Hail the King Chapter 660.2

Chapter 660: Rare Beauties (Part Two)

“What a pity! This is truly sad. You are an unparalleled genius, and you have a limitless future. However, your decisions threw all that away. Just for that little woman named Angela, you dared to kill several masters from my shrine. Although I couldn’t report that to the Northern Regional Church to get an executive team to hunt you down since I don’t want others to find out about the existence of this woman who is the reincarnation of a goddess, hehehe, I have prepared a big trap for you! It is enough for you to die over 100 times! Ever since the existence of men and women, beauties always created tragedy. Unfortunately, you are young and reckless, and you became an enemy of the Shiye Shrine of the Holy Church. Your death is unavoidable!”

After the King of Chambord disappeared into afar, this old man turned around and vanished as well after taking a few steps.

There were tens of thousands of people around him, but none of them even noticed the disappearance of this old man.


“I’m going to kill him! I will chop his corpse into bits to avenge for our brothers who were killed by him!” [War Pirate] Mellberg and his loyal advisor, Isaac, stared at the King of Chambord who moved away from where they were standing and cursed viciously.

“This young man is the King of Chambord?” Further away, the Group Leader of the [Fire Blood Mercenary Group] who had a gold mask thought, “Interesting. He sure didn’t disappoint me.”

“This young?” Under a stone statue that was about more than ten meters tall, Prince Gurkov of Bordeaux finally saw the King of Chambord for the first time and was surprised. Behind him, four young knights were murmuring to themselves and snickered recklessly. Who knew what they were talking about?

“Hehe, tonight is the night of blood! You are my prey! Poor bug! Enjoy this last bit of your glamorous life! Hehehehehe!” Hiding in the sky, a midget with huge hands licked his lips and laughed viciously.

“Huh? It seems like a lot is going on in the city right now. Is Alexander prepared for all this?” The handsome Second Prince Dominguez stood by a window and looked around with that disabled puppy, Oka, in his arms. Then, as he murmured, he went back to the couch and lied down.

Behind him, [Demon Woman] Paris looked concerned, but [Red Beard] Granello was emotionless.


-In front of Head Minister Bast’s mansion-

After about 15 minutes of silence, the people who were crowded here suddenly started cheering as loud as they can.

“Hail the King!”

“Hail the Queens!”

“Long live King Alexander!”

“Long live Queen Angela! Long live Queen Elena!”

When they saw the supreme King Alexander walking out of the mansion while holding the hands of the two gorgeous queens, everyone went crazy.

In a white, trailing floral lace wedding dress, Angela who had a headpiece with many shiny silver pearls embedded in it looked like a goddess that walked down from the moon. Her beauty was unreal, making all the men in the area breath heavily.

On the other side of the king, Elena was wearing a red, tight-fit strapless dress and had [M’avina’s True Sight – Diadem] on her head. She looked like a Valkyrie who was enveloped by fire, and her slender waist, beautiful long legs, and perfect figure added to her unique valiant aura, showcasing another kind of beauty that wasn’t inferior to Angela’s.

Envy and jealousy! Those were the primitive thoughts of almost all the men in the area.

In the cheers, a fancy magic carriage that was driven by [Son of Wind] Fernando Torres slowly stopped by the gate, and Head Minister Bast who was in a fancy noble suit walked by and kissed Fei on the forehead with a smile. Then, as an elder, he got into the carriage with the two future queens.

Prince Charming rode on a white horse, and so did Fei. He hopped onto his horse and led the way.

Under the protection of the saint seiyas, the group moved toward Tiananmen Square; the wedding ceremony was going to start there.

On the way, the cheers got louder, and flowers were tossed into the air.

After taking twice the normal time, the group finally arrived at the square with the crowd behind them.

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