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Hail the King Chapter 661.1

Chapter 661: Sudden Changes, Beginning of Chaos (Part One)

When the group reached the square, the high-level people from the various envoy groups were already seated in their pre-arranged spots. On this large square, the influential figures who were rarely seen by people were everywhere.

The square was divided into four areas. The northern area was the platform for the wedding as well as the seats for Chambordians such as high-level saint seiyas, the ministers, and the high-ranking officials. The southern, eastern, and western areas were for all the guests such as senior people from various envoy groups, mercenary groups, and merchant groups, as well as powerful masters.

Some of the bylaw enforcement officers and the students in the Civil and Military University were walking in these areas and acted as temporary servants.

The citizens of Chambord could only stand around the square and watch, but none of them were resentful.

First of all, they support all of their king’s decisions.

Second of all, the people who had seats on the square were all influential figures. According to the strict social ladder on the continent, the current set up was the most appropriate and wouldn’t offend anyone.

The rest of bylaw enforcement officers and saint seiyas were fully armored and maintaining the order in the region.

As Fei led the group to the square, loud bugles sounded. The people who were standing outside the square all moved aside respectfully to create a path for the king, and the citizens of Chambord kneeled on the ground, welcoming their king and future queens to the ceremony as they cheered.

Almost all the guests on the square stood up to welcome the most important three people for tonight’s event.

Only a few people were eating and drinking at their VIP tables as they watched this and sneered.

For example, the Group Leader of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group], [War Pirate] Mellberg, didn’t hide his murderous spirit and hatred toward Fei, and so did his henchmen around him. The temperature around where they were sitting dropped by several degrees.

Around them, some young noblemen stared at the two beautiful future queens and drooled.

In the midst of thunderous applause, Fei jumped off his horse and walked to the magic carriage.

He bent his back and reached out his hand, inviting the two future queens to get off the carriage in the most gentleman-like manner.

Then, he held onto Angela and Elena’s hands under the blessing stares of Bast and tens of thousands of others, and they walked toward the tall platform in the northern area of the square on a long red carpet.

As the king and the two future queens moved, dashes of magic fireworks were shot into the sky, forming all kinds of images and patterns in the air. It was so beautiful and bright that lights overtook the darkness.

There were people in fancy clothes who performed the traditional celebratory dances of Chambord behind Fei and the two girls, adding to the already-heated atmosphere.

With the magic fireworks in the sky, the entirety of Chambord City looked like an unbelievable paradise, and it was truly breathtaking.

Even the princes and ministers from the big empires around Zenit were stunned by what they saw. Even though they saw a lot of royal weddings at powerful empires, they couldn’t think of one that could be compared to this. The fancy colors and the cheerful atmosphere made people feel like they weren’t on the Azeroth Continent anymore. They felt like they were somewhere holy, and there weren’t any conflicts and negative emotions.

Under people’s stares, Fei and his two future queens finally arrived before the tall platform.

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  1. Ejaz Ahmed

    Alexander won’t be having seex with angela, if he did then there will be no more church attack and revenge. and from this foreshadowing it is confirm that angela will get kidnapped.

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