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Hail the King Chapter 661.2

Chapter 661: Sudden Changes, Beginning of Chaos (Part Two)

This platform had nine levels, and each level was about half a meter tall. This entire wedding platform was made from one giant piece of white stone, and 36 steps led to the ninth level. Each step was sculpted out by the most talented artists at Chambord, and all kinds of delicate images such as flowers, warriors, demon beasts, dragons, goddess, and gods were engraved on them.

In addition, there were four warrior statues about six meters tall around the platform, guarding it with might.

Under the fancy magic fireworks in the sky, this giant silver platform looked splendid like a true art piece.

After smiling at the two girls beside him, Fei raised his left leg and set foot onto the first step.

The people standing around the square instantly started to cheer again.

According to the tradition of Chambord and this ancient continent, as long as Fei and the two girls walked up this nine-leveled and 36-stepped platform, it could count as that they finished the holiest wedding under the watch and blessing of the gods.

It would be perfect.

At this moment, a voiced sounded, “Wait a moment! I have something to say!”

This loud, thunder-like shout resonated in the area and instantly attracted people’s attention.

Since it was powered by abundant warrior energy, it overpowered the cheering of tens of thousands of Chambordians and disrupted the wedding that was ongoing.

Everyone was surprised.

“Damn it! Who is it! Does he want to die?!”

“F*ck this b*stard! Where did he come from? How dare he mess around at this time?”

“Chop this b*stard up! Who is he? Stand out! How dare you interrupt this royal wedding?”

The Chambordians who were sitting in the northern area on the square were enraged, and they jumped up and shouted back. As they looked toward the direction of that voice, they almost drew out their weapon and tried to kill that person.

Interrupting the wedding process when the king and the future queens were climbing the tall platform was unforgivable!

The Chambordians who were outside the square also started to cuss and swear.

For a moment, almost all friends of Chambord were mad as well.

Everyone was looking toward the direction of that voice, wanting to figure out who it was.

“How dare he do something this disrespectful? He is getting on the King of Chambord’s nerves! Does he want to die?” people thought.

The surprised glares soon met the person who spoke, and the people were stunned again.

It was [War Pirate] Mellberg, the Group Leader of the No.1 Mercenary Group in the region of 500,000 kilometers around Zenit!

He was a powerful Full Moon Elite years ago, and he singlehandedly created and supported the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group].

No one was able to defeat him, and almost all the empires in the region were afraid of him. Even though the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] hadn’t established its own empire, Mellberg was the undisputable lord of the mercenaries!

The fact that he decided to come out and disrupt this ceremony already said enough.

He presented an attitude.

“If the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] decides to stand against the King of Chambord, the situation tonight would be interesting,” a lot of people thought.

“Hahahahaha! Alexander, I have one thing to ask you! You better answer it honestly, or your damn wedding ceremony can stop!” Mellberg said overbearingly as he walked to the center of the square with six masters of Wind Horse.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

A hundred soldier of Chambord drew out their swords and stood between Mellberg and Fei fearlessly.

Even though Mellberg was infamous in the region, these soldiers in heavy armors stood still with determination.

The atmosphere instantly tensed up.

The people who were celebrating were surprised, and all the dances stopped.

Even though the magic fireworks were still being shot into the sky, the audiences were in different moods now.

In the VIP areas on the square, some people were angry while others were gloating. Everyone had different thoughts on their minds.

However, one thing was the same. They all wanted to know how the King of Chambord was going to deal with this situation.

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