Chapter 662: Taurus’s First Battle (Part One)

Under everyone’s gaze, the King of Chambord who was holding the hands of his two beautiful fiancées only paused a little when he heard the shout. After that, he completely ignored Mellberg and moved toward the second step. It seemed like he was even too tired to turn around and look at this troublemaker.

His attitude was very arrogant since he just ignored the person who was one of the most influential people in the region.

After a short pause, Mellberg laughed angrily, and his voice was as loud as thunder. In the same time, all the short hair on his head stood up, looking like sharp iron needles.

“Great! Just great! I have battled around the continent for more than 100 years, and it is my first time seeing such an arrogant younger warrior. Since this is the case, the Chambord Kingdom doesn’t need to exist anymore, and all Chambordians are enemies to our [Wind Horse Mercenary Group]. Hehe, this damn wedding ceremony can end right here! I want to see which is harder, your attitude or my blade?… Alexander, are you really naïve enough to believe that your weak, ant-like subordinates could stop me? Elm!”

As Mellberg shouted, a thin and tall, long-faced mercenary walked out behind him.

This person had a bitter expression on his long-face as if everyone in the world owed him something, and he was wearing light-red leather armor.

He didn’t say a word, but he walked toward the ceremony platform that had nine levels and 36 steps murderously.

This mercenary named Elm only moved forward for a few steps, and there were no warrior energy flames on him. However, he floated in the air, half a meter above the ground, and it felt like he was stepping on something invisible since he walked calmly and steadily.

“Moon-Class Elite!” someone shouted subconsciously.

This thin and tall mercenary who had a bitter expression could easily stand in mid-air, and it was the best indication that he was already a Moon-Class Elite.

“Ah! I know who he is! He is [Bitter Murder God] Elm, and he is one of the ten battle generals of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group]! Once, he got mad and killed everyone in ten cities of a level 3 empire. Even the infants who were just born weren’t spared! He is truly murderous! His fire-elemental warrior energy is strange, and he is one of the Moon-Class Elites under [War Pirate] Mellberg’s command. It is heard that he already reached the Half Moon Realm many years ago!” A person who was knowledgeable in the VIP areas spoke. Even though his voice wasn’t loud, everyone was able to hear who this mercenary was.

Now, almost everyone was looking at the 100 fully-armored soldiers of Chambord with sympathy.

The hardest armor in this world was nothing in front of the power of Moon-Class. In fact, ordinary thick armors were like thin papers in front of Moon-Class Elites. If the masters of Chambord weren’t going to show up, these brave and elite soldiers would be turned into pieces of flesh and scrap metals in a few seconds.

In front of real power, bravery and loyalty were useless.

Everyone looked at the King of Chambord.

However, this young king was still facing everyone with his back.

As if King Alexander didn’t discover what was happening behind him, he held the hands of his two fiancées and walked up toward the ninth level.

“Doesn’t he care about the lives of his loyal soldiers? Or……” people thought.

Suddenly, a vicious grin appeared on Elm’s bitter face.

Lights dashed out of his eyes as he stood half a meter above the ground, and he lightly grasped his right hand and pushed it forward.

Then, a hot beam of fire appeared on the square out of nowhere as a result of this casual movement, and that terrifying sensation dispersed into the area.

The casual strike of a Moon-Class Elite was disastrous for ordinary Star-level Warriors.

The red beam of fire instantly shot toward the 100 elite soldiers of Chambord who were about 20 meters away from Elm, and the heat energy formed a small tornado, also moving toward the soldiers with a death sensation.

[Bitter Murder God!]!

He was going to kill these soldiers first!

However, none of the bylaw enforcement officers wavered and backed off. Under 100 black, cold masks, 100 pairs of clear eyes filled with bravery didn’t even blink in front of the terrifying attack that could vaporize them like ice.

That was because a heroic figure suddenly appeared before the bylaw enforcement officers and blocked the red beam of fire.

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