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Hail the King Chapter 662.2

Chapter 662: Taurus’s First Battle (Part Two)

Under the shiny moonlight, the smile that was filled with disdain appeared on this person’s face.

As he slowly raised his hand, he grasped onto the beam of fire easily and suddenly clenched his fist, instantly crushing this strike which could have easily killed those 100 soldiers of Chambord.

In his hand, this beam of fire felt like a piece of cheese.

“Huh?” The bitter expression on Elm’s face changed as he frowned a little.

This opponent who suddenly appeared was able to dismantle his strike easily, and it was clear that this man was also a Moon-Class Elite. In addition, this thin and tall mercenary felt like his opponent had a mysterious power around him and knew that the latter wasn’t weak.

Everyone in the three VIP areas on the square gasped in unison.

They all felt like what was happening was too dramatic!

At this critical moment, a Moon-Class Elite on Chambord’s side, who wasn’t King Alexander, showed himself and blocked that strike of a Moon-Class Elite of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group]

“No wonder this young king is so calm; he is still walking up the platform. He is ignoring everything because Chambord is already prepared, right?” people thought, “However…… Is one Moon-Class Elite enough to stop everyone from the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] including [War Pirate] himself?”

As the guests were thinking about that, the Chambordians who were on and outside the square already started shouting.

“Mr. Drogba!”

“Hahaha! It is Mr. Drogba! Now, we shall see if this damn Moon-Class Elite can still be arrogant? Humph! How could you outsiders know how many masters we Chambordians have?”

“Mr. Drogba! Kill these rude b*stards! How dare they interrupt our king’s wedding ceremony? They all deserve to die!”

The Chambordians who were all nervous a moment ago relaxed, and they couldn’t help but jump into the air and shout. They weren’t afraid; instead, they were all shivering in excitement.

They felt like their blood was boiling, and everyone including children and elders clenched their right hand and placed them on the right side of their chest.

“You want to challenge our great King Alexander? Hehe, pass the 12 Golden Saint Seiyas who guard the 12 Golden Saint Mountains first! Today, we will let you, the arrogant outsiders, know what kind of power Chambord is capable of! Shiver under the fear for our great king!” they thought.

-In the center of the square-

“B*stard! Tell me; how do you want to die?”

Drogba sneered coldly. His long black hair was already tied into braids, and each braid was bright and eye-catching. He looked like a battle-hungry lion that couldn’t wait for combat. In fact, his eyes were shining due to the excitement.

Of course, what surprised most people was that he was also not standing on the ground. Just like Elm, he was still hovering half a meter above the ground.

“He is also a Moon-Class Elite! Who is he? I have never heard of him before!” most people thought.

Not too far away, [War Pirate] Mellberg was slightly surprised. Then, a vicious expression appeared on his rough face, and he shouted in a deep voice, “Elm, kill him! Tear this dirty Chambordian into pieces!”

This bitter-faced mercenary licked his lips in excitement as if he was a beast that targeted its prey. He stared at Drogba and suddenly spoke, “I won’t die, but you will. Doesn’t matter who they are or how old they are, as long as they are citizens of Chambord, they will be killed tonight! They will die tragically!”

He pointed at the sky and provoked, “This square is too small, and it is not so convenient. If you are daring enough, come to the sky with me, and we can battle this out!”

After he said that, Elm got covered with fire-elemental energy flames. As if he turned into a fire dragon, he dashed into the high sky.

“Hahahahaha! If you want this, I will kill you up there!” Drogba laughed fearlessly.

Like a huge ax, his body shot up and left a terrifying orange mark in the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the next moment, he caught up with Elm, and they started to battle in the sky without hesitation or more talking.

The two Moon-Class Elites were in a ferocious battle.

This was the first battle between Chambord and the troublemakers, and both Drogba and Elm knew its importance. As a result, none of them held back, and they fought each other directly, trying to kill their opponent in the shortest time possible.

For a moment, the colorful, beautiful, and deadly Moon-Class warrior energy flames shone in the sky. The orange light rings, as well as the red fire, continued to collide and explode, sending residual energy in all directions. In fact, this battle was even more flashy compared with the magic fireworks show prior.

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