Chapter 663: The Song of Chambord (Part One)

The battle in the sky attracted a lot of people’s attention, and it was pulling on many people’s heartstrings.

“This is strange. Drogba? According to our intelligent report, he showed his face and strength at the competition among all affiliated kingdoms of Zenit half a year ago. At that time, he was still an insignificant character. Only about half a year had passed, and he is now a Moon-Class Elite? The King of Chambord…… how did he make this happen?”

“There is someone else other than Lampard who reached the realm of Moon-Class? This is shocking news!”

“The little Chambord brought me so much surprise. Hahahaha……”

“If we can figure out how the Chambord Kingdom got so many Moon-Class Elites…… Eh, it is worth the risk!”

“It seems like this Moon-Class Elite of Chambord just advanced recently; I never heard of such a person before…… Unfortunately, compared with [Bitter Murder God], he is going to lack in terms of experience. He is practicing earth-elemental warrior energy, but he ditched fighting on the ground where the earth elements are more abundant and chose to fight thousands of meters in the sky. The outcome of this battle is determined from the beginning! Chambord is going to lose!”

The people in the three VIP areas were all thinking of something different. Some were surprised, some were shocked, some were confused, and some were worried. Also, there were people who sat there emotionlessly and just watched everything unfold.

Some of them were powerful masters, and they murmured to each other and commentated as they watched the battle with their sharp eyes.

-In the south VIP area-

Second Prince Dominguez of Zenit was still sitting on his stone chair with Oka, the little disabled dog, in his arms. His eyes were squinted as if he was turning a blind eye to everything, but if one looked closer, they could see the dashes of lights deep in his eyes.

Beside him, [Demonic Woman] Paris and [Red Beard] Granello looked at each other in shock as they observed the battle. The two of them were very familiar with this new Moon-Class Elite Drogba.

If they broke down the progression of this black-haired man, it would be an unbelievable legend! A strongman who didn’t have any warrior energy before turned into a Moon-Class Elite! This man achieved the dream of many warriors in about a year!

“Are Moon-Class Elites so commonplace now? Are they like cabbages?” they thought, “The King of Chambord is a genius! How did he do all of this?”


-In the middle of the square-

[War Pirate] Mellberg who was filled with hatred couldn’t wait for the fight in the high-sky to finish since the King of Chambord already got to the first level of the platform.

As he watched the King of Chambord and his two future queens walk toward the second level of the platform hand-in-hand, Mellberg couldn’t take it anymore. He turned around and allowed another master beside him to make a move.

This master was a mid-aged man in a mage robe. He wasn’t tall or short, and his long grey hair fluttered in the wind. He had a black half-mask on his face, and cold glares shined out of his eyes.

As he walked forward with his huge two-meter-tall wand, his magic robe puffed up even though the wind wasn’t blowing in that direction. As a result of that, his body looked larger, and he suddenly looked tough and strong.

He didn’t chant any spells, but his body hovered in the air.

As streaks of chilly energy appeared on him, a blue crescent-moon symbol appeared on his forehead slowly.

He was a Moon-Class Elite! A Moon-Class Ice-Elemental Mage!

The power of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] sure was high! No wonder it was the No.1 Mercenary Group in the region and had the ability to negotiate and be on par with all the empires in the area. Almost all its high-ranked leaders were powerful masters.

“Who can battle with me?” This mage with the half-mask on his face didn’t attack anyone. He just hovered in the air and looked down at where the elite Chambordians were sitting with an arrogant expression on his face.

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