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Hail the King Chapter 663.2

Chapter 663: The Song of Chambord (Part Two)

His voice was hoarse and lifeless, making people feel like they were listening to a rusty saw cutting a piece of wood. It was ear-piercing and horrible, but it also contained a depressing murderous spirit. The people who heard it felt a little chilly.

The people on and off the square looked in the direction of the northern area.

Then, the expressions on their faces turned from anticipation to surprise, and then from surprise to shock!

“There is one more Moon-Class Elite on the side of Chambord!” people thought, “Also, he looks so young! It feels like he is younger than 20 years old!”

The young man who came out had long blond hair and a handsome face.

His slender body was protected by a tight-fitting leather armor, and clouds of green wind-elemental warrior energy circled him, making him look like a pretty elf under the bright moonlight.

[Son of Wind] Fernando Torres!

Under the moonlight, Torres was also hovering in mid-air. As he looked at the mage with the black half-mask on, battle-hunger appeared in his eyes. Without any further ado, he turned into a dash of green light and shot toward the sky.

That mage also followed him up the air.

The casual strikes of Moon-Class Elites were destructive and could shake the land.

Since everyone on the square was all influential figures from various forces and empires, fighting on the square might affect them and bring more trouble. Therefore, the sky was the best battleground for Moon-Class Elites.

In addition, every single Moon-Class Elite was prideful in themselves, and they would never back down from a challenge.

After sensing the battle- hunger in Torres’ eyes, this mage with the black half-mask couldn’t back down and would follow for sure.

“It is Mr. Torres!”

“Hahahaha! Mr. Torres advanced to the Moon-Class? When did that happen?”

“Hail! Hail Chambord! Hail the king!”

“How dare they disrupt the wedding of our king? Let these stupid mercenaries pay for what they did! Let them pay with blood! Let’s see who dares to challenge our great king again!”

The Chambordians outside the square were all excited, and they laughed out loud.

Didn’t matter if they were males, females, children, or the elderly, they all felt like they were proud of their identities. They placed their right fists on their hearts and sensed the pumping in their chests.

They felt like it was fire that was running through their bodies, and they couldn’t hold back their emotions.

At this moment, someone suddenly sang.

Then, all the Chambordians in the area started to sing along. It was the Song of Chambord, something that the king hummed all the time.

“There is a wide river that has big waves, and the wind blows by and brings fragrances of nature to both river banks. Chambordians live to the north of the river and listen to the rumble of Zuli, and we glance at the grasslands to the south…… This is our beautiful Chambord City, where we grow up…… This is the homeland of heroes, and it brews a thunder-like power…… This is a great land, and our homes are open to all friends. But if wolves come by, they will be received by spears and arrows!”

Almost all the Chambordians roared when they sang the last line, and it was shocking.

The loud voices that were empowered by their souls as well as the powerful lyrics shocked all the guests, and those people who had malicious intents got a bit fearful; their faces even changed color.

TL Note: Hey guys, I see that some of you are doubting the fact that Drogba could fight a Half Moon Elite. I do too, but a reason will be given soon.

P.S. A big shout out to Mitchk82, Alan J., Megabadman, and Phid! Thanks for the support on Patreon!

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