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Hail the King Chapter 664.1

Chapter 664: Prince Simon of the Marse Empire (Part One)

“Damn it! You are just a bunch of low-lives! Shut up right now!” Mellberg sensed an ominous feeling, and he got furious. After hearing the roars of the citizens of Chambord who didn’t even possess warrior energy or magic energy, he somehow got a little fearful. That finding shamed and angered him.

Also, he had sent out two of his masters, but it wasn’t able to get the King of Chambord to turn around and look at him.

Instead, he looked like a clown, and he made the Chambordians even more united. To this overlord who had been dominating in the region, he felt ashamed.

Behind him, there was one more Moon-Class Elite aside from Isaac. He turned around without hesitation, and he dashed toward the crowd. As his golden metal-elemental warrior energy flames shone, dashes of energy were shot toward the ordinary Chambordians who were standing outside the square! He was attacking ordinary people! It was inhumane and cruel!




“You are a Moon-Class Elite, but you are attacking ordinary civilians? Do you still have the honor of a master? This is damn shameful!”

No one expected the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] to be so shameless and have no respect for themselves. The elites of Chambord who were sitting on the square were mad. Even though they wanted to stop the tragedy, they couldn’t move that fast and stop this Moon-Class Elite.

However, something no one expected occurred at this moment!

When the sharp and lethal metal-elemental sword energies were only about less than one meter away from the crowd, layers of blue, translucent ripples appeared out of nowhere. A magic array formation appeared in a sudden.

Even though the Moon-Class metal-elemental sword energies tried to break it and attacked it like raindrops in a storm, it was no use. Although this layer of magic energy shivered, it didn’t break!

In the next moment, this Moon-Class Elite of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] roared with a cold expression on his face, and he struck forward with his fists.

It was a full-on strike of a Moon-Class Elite, and it was powerful enough to shatter a mountain.

However, none of that was useful.

The firmness of that layer of blue, translucent magic energy was beyond people’s imagination, and this strike that was enough to break down the defense walls of cities only left a small dent that was less than one centimeter deep.

In the next second, this Moon-Class Elite’s face changed color. As he roared, the dent on the magic array formation bounced back and pushed him away.

“Eh…… Puff!!!!”

This vicious and arrogant Moon-Class Elite opened his mouth and puked up a mouthful of blood. Then, crackling noises sounded in his right arm, signaling the breaking of his arm bones.

As if he were a dried leaf in a storm, he flew back and landed beside [War Pirate] Mellberg. When his feet touched the group, he staggered so much that he fell to the ground.

This was shocking!

Almost everyone sitting in the VIP areas on the stage jumped up in surprise as they stared at and observed this blue and translucent magic array formation.

At the same time, this thin layer of magic energy started to change. The blue magic elements began to move around like water on a screen, and they started to expand outward.

In the blink of an eye, the magic elements went around the square and enveloped it entirely. Like a vast blue, translucent half sphere, it locked the guests on the square inside.

“What is this?”

“[Water Screen Heavenly Glare]? It can block the full-on strike of a Half Moon Elite? Could it be…… a forbidden-spell-level water-elemental magic array formation? How is this possible? That would mean Chambord could construct the most powerful water-elemental defensive magic array formation!”

“This is impossible! How much energy would it need to power this forbidden-spell-level water-elemental magic array formation? I’m afraid that even the perfect-tier magic crystals couldn’t do it…… This…… How did the Chambordians do it? How?”

“The King of Chambord…… Is he imprisoning us in this magic array formation? He…… what does he want to do?”

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